Afd: “e-mobility is the return to the horse”

Afd: 'e-mobility is the return to the horse'

Electric drives still have disadvantages for people’s mobility for a long time to come, in the view of Dirk Spaniel, AfD state group leader for Baden-Wurttemberg in the Bundestag. "Electromobility is nothing other than a return to the horse," said the politician and designated transport policy spokesman for the AfD in the Bundestag. He added that it is not only the short range of cars powered by electricity that is problematic. "The hype surrounding electric cars is particularly tricky because only rich people can afford good vehicles. For normal earners, these cars are hardly affordable. And unlike diesels and gasoline-powered cars, there are no cheap used cars on the market," said Spaniel, who used to be a manager at Daimler.

The deputy announced the AfD’s opposition in the Bundestag if the federal government favors electric vehicles for "ideological reasons". The party also wants to investigate whether electric mobility leads to a reduction in climate-damaging carbon dioxide. "We are totally open to results," Spaniel said. He also announced that the party as a whole wants to have the influence of human factors on climate change examined once again. The AfD’s official position so far has been to regard climate change as not man-made.

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