Alpina version b7 – d7 of the new bmw 7 series discovered on a test drive

Alpina version b7 - d7 of the new bmw 7 series discovered on a test drive

Munich, 4. February 2009 – The new BMW 7 Series is still a rare sight on our streets – no wonder, after all, the rough BMW has only been delivered since the end of 2008. Nevertheless, our Erlkonig photographer has already discovered a sporting variant of the luxury sedan, which was allowed to act on the new Alpina B7 on test drive.

Auturically careful changes

The caught Erlzonig is not really camouflaged, but only consciously kept unnecessary than the final version. For example, the characteristic Alpina lettering is missing on the front spoiler. It is to be suspected that the Allgauer small series manufacturer will optically lift his new flagship vessel only carefully. The B7 has some new but subtle attachments and spoilers. At the front there is a wide-drawn front tumbler. The already slightly upwardly pulled trunk lid gets a right rear spoiler placed.

Individual 21-ZOLLER

For a particularly athletic appearance, laterally designed 21-inch raders should provide. However, their design was more likely to be reminiscent of the previously known Alpina rims and thus look different than in our pictures. The chassis is being revised and designed to be sportier. A new brake system should also ensure better deceleration.

For the first time also as a three-liter diesel

As with its predecessor, the technical basis for the new B7 is the 750i. The 4.4-liter V8 is expected to be boosted by around 100 additional horsepower from 407 hp. For comparison: the old B7 had exactly 500 hp. Alternatively, the Alpina top model will also be available as a diesel for the first time – under the designation D7. The BMW three-liter in-line six-cylinder came into question as the basis here. It is said to be increased from 245 to 300 hp by means of a register turbo. His premiere celebrates the Alpina B7 at the Geneva Car Salon 2009 – he could then come to the market later in the year.

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