Arzte representatives: corona warning app for health markets little helpful

Arzte Representatives: Corona warning app for health markets Little helpful

In the fight against the Corona Pandemic in Germany, doctrine representatives succeed the effectiveness of the warning app for the work of the health marker as an outside. "Since the data of the app is not automatically forwarded to the health officers, this instrument in its current form is not a rough support in the rapid evidence and occlusion of corona breakouts", said the chairman of the Federal Association of the Doctors of the Public Health Service, Ute Teichert, the newspapers of the Funke Media Group (Thursday).

Privacy against patient protection

The app games "in the everyday work of the German health officers as good as no role."It comes "Rare rarely prefers that an app user reports to us because of a corresponding warning", said Teichert. Politics have decided, "to put the privacy over the pandemieschutz". This must be accepted this way.

Chancellor’s Chief Helge Braun (CDU) had the app on Wednesday 100 days after her start "Gross success story" designated. SAP and Telekom also moved a positive balance after the first 100 days. With around 18 million downloads, she has been downloaded by Ofter as all other corona apps in Europe. According to Health Minister Jens Spahn almost 5000 users have warned their own contacts.

Direct disclosure

From Teichert’s point of view it would be helpful if the app had a function with which users could at least voluntarily allow a direct transfer of warning information to the health department. Thus, the state-to-aging "aware of a significantly faster about infection trap and could take effects to remove a corona outbreak. This is a crucial point", said Teichert.

Currently, it will be able to leave the app users as to whether they reported after registering contact with infected health stores. "Whether you actually do it, do not survive", said Teichert.

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