Duh wants to answer opel because of consumer expansion

Duh wants to answer opel because of consumer expansion

The German Environmental Help (DUH) encourages its premieges against Opel to manipulate exhaust gas purification in diesel models. In an Astra, quantities had disclosed on the "alarming values and shut-off devices", the environmental organization announced on Friday in Berlin. Therefore, you want to answer Opel because of consumer expansion.

Tags previously collected the DUH similar premieges related to a tested Opel Zafira. Accordingly, the purification of the exhaust gases should be switched off at certain temperatures, speeds, air prere and engine speeds. Opel had credited on Thursday, you have not used software that determines if a car is subjected to an exhaustest test. The company was prompted at the beginning. The expert Felix Domke participated in the investigations of DUH, the magazine monitor and the mirrors.

The DUH has Federal Minister of Transport DOBRINDT the results of the laboratory and strain quantities as well as the analysis of the engine control software of the Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTI amed. She asked him to have after checking the results by the aggregates immediately a permit stop for all Opel diesel cars and commercial vehicles, which have an illegal shutdown for exhaust gas purification in the control unit software. In addition, she urged the Minister to withdraw the type for all affected Opel models as well as the arrangement of an official jerk for all previously delivered vehicles.

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