Emissions fraud: illinois fails in court against vw

Volkswagen has scored an important legal success in the U.S. in the emissions scandal. Judge Kathleen Pantle dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state of Illinois for violations of environmental laws on Tuesday (local time). The Cook County Circuit Court’s decision removes significant financial risk for Volkswagen.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan had sought more than $1 billion in damages for more than 19,000 diesel-powered VW vehicles, according to the indictment.000 diesel VWs. The cars were allegedly sold in the state with cheating schemes to manipulate emissions levels.

However, Judge Pantle ruled that because Volkswagen has already reached settlements with numerous U.S. class action lawsuits, there are no additional state-level claims. Other states had previously failed with similar lawsuits on the same grounds.

Volkswagen is not out of the woods yet, however: The lawsuits of a number of states are still ongoing, including Missouri, Montana, New Mexico and Ohio. Volkswagen has already booked over 25 billion euros in legal costs for settlements in North America in the emissions scandal. In September 2015, under prere from the U.S. environmental authorities, the company admitted to having manipulated exhaust emissions on a large scale.

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