Fine work at the nissan gt-r year 2013

Fine work at the nissan gt-r year 2013

Koln, 5. November 2012 – Nissan presented the model year 2013 of the GT-R. The super athletes should now provide an even more fully performance of the engine, a further improved chassis and coarse election possibilities in the equipment. In the pasting, Nissan accompanied to experiences, which was collected during the 24-hour race at Nurburgring.

Detailed solutions optimized

According to Nissan, the fine tuning macers allow an improved response of the 3.8 liter CLOSE V6-biturbomotor in the middle and upper speed range. Responsible for this are new injectors and a changed bypass valve at the turbocharger. Optionally, Nissan now also offers a racing-appropriate motorol. The performance amounts to 550 hp as before.

The driving behavior is to be improved by a lowered center of gravity by means of custom brokerage sockets. In addition, newly coordinated spring and stobbide packages as well as an agent front stabilizer are used. Above all, the stability of the vehicle at very high speeds and unwinding comfort benefit from the targeted maws, so Nissan. In addition, Nissan expands the GT-R offer by a Premium Edition whose interior contains particularly soft leather stocks and two-tone linings in red and black.

Sales start in Germany only in the year 2013

The overworked GT-R rolls in Japan in Japan in November 2012. German buying interestees must still be patient until the spring of 2013. Prices could not call us Nissan yet. At the moment the super athlet costs at least 92.400 euros.

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