Free as a bird

With software against state censors in the network

The program carries the poetic name Freebird. And free as a bird should be the users who use it in countries who stop by state because of the access to free information on the Internet. The program developed the German company photono software, which has recently offered a beta version of Freebird for Windows for free on the net, a Linux version should continue to follow, but Mac users are also free of course empty.

In order to make the state censors in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or China, Freebird allows to build a network between his users. Anyone who uses the program and adjusts his browser accordingly becomes a separate network node. If in the case of censorship of access to the pages, for example, the BBC is prevented, the request is forwarded to the FreeBird network immediately. And another participant who has free access to the net, automatically sends the desired page to the self-affected by the censorship – consumed by the censorship.

How the technically works exactly, makes it possible to make the power side of the company. There you will also find the necessary settings for the supported browser Explorer, Netscape and Opera. The fact that Freebird can actually undermine censorship proves a first state response to the program. "Several affected from Saudi Arabia", Says Corporate Speaker Thorsten Schmidt, "have now addressed us by email that you can no longer reach our server."

For this reason, the first alternative download addresses have now been published. Also two users have already registered on the mains side. Both confirm that you can deal with freebird the internet censorship of your country: "Freebird Is Really Amazing. NOW I Can InFur Myself, Our People and The World About The Horrible Human-Right Situation Which We Have Here."

However, in the other letter, it is called that not only the construction of the pages is too slow: "I Did Exactly What You Have Instructed Me. I Have Configured IE 5.5 and Opera 5.01 with the Settings Localhost: 14000. I What ABLE TO ENTER EVEN CNN!!! A Forbits URL AS Per The Local Standards But i Have To Tell You That It Is Extremely Slow. When I Visited Your Site To My Surprise I What Not Anonymous .. My TCP / IP Settings Were There’s What From My Local ISP Provider."

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