Habag: climate change changes basic assumptions for agriculture

HABAG: Climate change changes basic amptions for agriculture

In view of the growing climate risks for the German farmers, Grunen-boss Robert Daheck calls for the agriculture to adapt strongly to climate change. Water scarcity and hot temperatures are an increasingly important problem for farmers, "in front of which no one can take her eyes", said Daheck the German Press Agency. "The extreme becomes the rule. And that changes the basic amptions on which agriculture has been operated so far." To master the situation, be it the highest time to tackle the placement of agriculture to the climate crisis – both in the cultivation of plants as well as in animal husbandry.

"The extreme becomes the rule"

It needs about mixed monocultures, more durable fruitful effects with plants that are resistant to heat and dryness, more tree on agricultural flat, other seed and harvest dates and more Okoland construction, said Habij. Animals had to be reduced, so that a company has only so many animals, as he konne with the yield of his flat health. "The aim is, fewer animals, for that more space and good care", he said. In the summer of 2018, the feed supply for the animals did not suffer, it came to emergency shafts.

The day before, Bauernverbandsprasident Joachim Rukied had made aware of the great risks in the presentation of the harvesting book on the high risks, with which farmers were confronted because of climate change. They put on soil-conserving processes and resistant species and breeding. But he also called for state help in building a "Multi-pace insurance", To secure farmers.

The KlimaPolitical spokesman for the left in the Bundestag, Lorenz Gosta Butin, had requested that the state does not continue the farmers "sitting on the dry" permit. In addition to state immediate aids for climate damage, climate insurance must be subsidized. The majority of farmers can not afford the expensive insurance companies so far. In return, agriculture would still invest strongly in climate protection.

Help for farmers

The Agricultural Political Speaker of the FDP Group, Gero Stool, had "decided action" demanded – for example "Consistent demand of digital technologies" and a tax-free risk compensation proposition that the farmers association already calls for a long time. In addition, the attribution of modern pesticides had to accelerate and modern genetic engineering methods.

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