Ipod now complete “obsolete”

IPod now complete'obsolet''obsolet'

The end of the iPod support has come: Apple owners of the last officially offered MP3 player of the Group only supplies only then with spare parts and service, if this is required by law – which is far from the case in all countries. The iPod Nano of 2012, the total seventh generation, has now been added to the so-called vintage list.

Vintage is not completely dead yet

However, clarified products are worse – it is Apple products whose sale was set more than seven years ago. "Apple has set the hardware service for clarified products without exception. Service providers can not order spare parts for clarified products", It is called Lapidar. Users should also set themselves on iPod Nano 7G that they require the help of free workshops if something is broken. This can be used to tap spare parts sources, which are versed in Apple himself.

19 years of MP3 player from Apple

Apple’s first iPod had come to the market in 2001. Since then, there have been numerous series and model series, most recently, the Group focused mainly on the iPod nano. In 2012, the fourth generation of the iPod shuffle, Apple’s most favorable music player, also came to the market – this is now also "vintage". The same is true for the iPod Classic and the iPod touch models of the fourth and fold generation.

ipod nano is retained, but is different technology

The only iPod, which will continue to be marketed by Apple, is the irregularly maintained iPod touch. But it is not really one "true" MP3 player, instead it is more of an iPhone without a mobile phone. With the iPod nano of the seventh generation, Apple had introduced new features again, including Bluetooth support to the car. In 2015, there was the iPod Nano 7G again in new colors, but technically other Apple nothing.

Apple’s iPod about the years

IPod now complete'obsolet''obsolet'

iPod of 2001

Coarly as rough as a set of playing cards, also trouser pockets compatible: The classic iPod gave the design.

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