Music software ableton live 11 combines electro beats with real drums

Music software ableton live 11 combines electro-beats with real drummers

Until now, when electro musicians wanted to play together with real drummers, the latter usually had to follow the strict tempo specifications of a sequencer. Live performances thus lost much of their spontaneity. Ableton Live 11 aims to simplify human-machine interaction. The just announced new version of the music software brings a follow function with it. This function takes a microphone signal from the drummer at the audio input and adjusts the tempo of the sequencer to the drummer’s tempo.

In the video, Ableton demonstrates how well Live 11 can follow a drummer.

In addition, Live 11 comes with a whole bouquet of new features. Patterns in the internal drum sequencer can now be varied more easily by specifying probabilities and loudness variations for individual beats.

From keyboard controllers, the software now also processes MPE commands, which allow nuanced playing. The suite’s internal sampler and wavetable synthesizer put it to work. Likewise, the Push 2 controller will output its aftertouch polyphonically in the future. So, when reprinting a struck chord, each note can be controlled individually. The new standard MIDI 2.0 standard is not supported.

In other functions, Ableton Live finally catches up with other digital audio workstations. This means that several takes of a vocal track can finally be selected and merged by comping.

Hybrid reverb

The Suite version is the main beneficiary of the new instruments and effects. The new Hybrid Reverb stands out: Combining convolution and parametric reverb, it combines the sonic quality of impulse responses from real rooms with the flexibility of parametric reverb plug-ins. Experimental musicians will enjoy six new software instruments inspired by natural phenomena.

Apart from that, Ableton has tweaked many details. To better monitor processor load and identify resource-hungry plug-ins, Live 11 displays the CPU loads of each individual track. The number of macro controllers in Racks has been increased from 8 to 16. The bottleneck of maximum 12 shipments. An overview of all innovations can be found on the Ableton website.

In video, Ableton demostrates how well Live 11 can follow a drummer around.

No ARM support

The system requirements have increased. If the 10er version still ran with 4 GByte RAM, in the future at least 8 GByte are necessary. Windows 7 and macOS computers up to 10.12 remain excluded. Live 11 requires at least Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 is required. For the latter, the specifications only pay Intel processors on. Apple’s M1 processors were not natively supported, the manufacturer announced when asked by c’t.

Ableton has already started the closed beta phase of Live 11. The prices of the Intro, Standard and Suite versions for Windows and macOS remain unchanged at 77, 340 and 583 euros respectively. Up to the sales start of the final 11 version in the first quarter 2021 Ableton keeps 20 percent discount. Who buys the 10er version until then new, gets version 11 for free. Previous owners of Suite 10 will otherwise pay for the 11 upgrade, for example, about 150 euros.

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