O death, where is thy sting?

Virtual Graber, Friedhofe on the Internet and TV advertising for an ideal funeral provision

Even death is becoming increasingly important. There are short four young Sweden of her mother Anna-Lena "Moje" Hashmi after her death also "Virtual tomb" Set on the internet: with a small photo gallery, a recipe collection, a list of your favorite bookers and their very special household tricks. And so that everyone finds the site, the four love the web address WWW in the real grave stone of their mother.Moje.pp.Se.

The accusation that this makes it possible to reveal too much intimately to any network surf, the son Wali Hashmi does not apply. "Our house", he revealed the news agency dpa, "was open until death from Moje for everyone."

Open for everyone, various German Friedhofe are now on the Internet. But still the idea of putting a deceased religious or friend against a corresponding fee to put a virtual membranes in the network, not particularly at the German clientele. For example, it is called a deep tread on the website of WWW.grief.COM: "We mourn at the moment deep moves for grief.Com. Due to lack of demand, we have set the service until further notice. As soon as the acceptance of the burial and the survivors a renewed activation allows us to find us at this point." And also at www.memoriam.de, the co-competitors in the race for the virtual corpse, have so far only a few grave states. It’s not exactly cheap: "One of our very carefully and with much love selected proposal pages are available for 375.00 DM. This site will then be found for five years under its own address. Of course you can also terminate the term."

But in the struggle for the current acceptance, the confirmation industry now gets unusual support. By television. There is a taboo again sometimes. From 21. August at advertises the "Ideal funeral provision ” on different TV channels for a regulated and secure finish, so for a decent funeral with all the trimmings. And since we first gladly displace the topic of death and, at least that’s why we prefer to make us a head in time, should we immediately access the horiz of the commercial and call the company’s info hotline.

That’s how it finished us totally ideal and certainly deals with the, as it is called, "Authentic ” main actor in the TV commercials rather unobtrusively staged Robert Krause: the young woman who has lost its lifestyle, and the rusty aging gentleman who "Ave Maria ” Wanted to his grave and says: "You should not always see that so sad.’

Nevertheless, some viewers will irritate that from now on in Tevau also burials are advertised advertising. Although it is actually consistent. Finally, just on television is regularly died in front of the camera: not only in the thrillers, but also very real.

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