Radio sconces: federal network agency step 2020 in uber 3500 fall

Radio sconces: Federal Network Agency Step 2020 in Uber 3500 fall

The Pruf and Measurement Service (PMD) of the Federal Network Agency was reflected in a good 3500 last year in order to clarify and eliminate radio sights as well as electromagnetic interstacements. This often means that about wildly sparkling end devices and WLAN routers must be taken over.

According to the Federal Network Agency, every fourth disruption concerned a security or system-relevant radio service, as registrations and organizations operate with security tasks, for example. In the public mobile networks alone, the PMD processed around 460 disturbances to ensure high availability of network infrastructure for mobile phones.

In 2019, the inspectors still had to be active in almost 4,000, 2018 in around 4700. The fact that the PMD is less often intervention in the previous year, during further reduced disruption, despite increasing frequency uses or restrictions and setting priorities during the corona crisis. For 2019, the author also reported separately that the PMD in the Uber 1200 also falls in the private environment for about Wi-Fi, DSL connections or devices such as wireless headhorasses, car clasters and garage door officers had eliminated.

Fields of application

The prufters are always asked if there are no operational causes of radio and telecommunication services, but caused by unwanted or inadvertent radio broadcasts or other electromagnetic effects. The PMD also controls whether supply obligations are implemented in mobile radio and adheres to limit values of electromagnetic environmental contracts. His employees are also looking for frequency uses without allocation.

The PMD is represented at 19 locations in the federal territory with measuring vehicles, operates a measuring laboratory for market monitoring and a satellite measuring point. Consumers and companies can be found under 04821/89 55 55 or on radio steering @ free a radio trunk. Cover of radio scans also do not have to burrow any costs, as far as they do not encourage direct debt. However, if you specifically use Jammer or Mobile killer to make the reception complicate or interrupt, on the other hand, it could be burdened at a PMD use with costs of about 1000 euros. Unauthorized repeaters, DVB-T antennas, forgotten house-antenna-stronger, lost DECT base stations or baby phones drove to the coarse network operators for their own "Ray" or send out external teams.

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