Telephoning while walking can be dangerous

According to a US study, the number of mobile use unconcentrated fubgangers has tripled from 2005 to 2010

Numerous studies have proven that calls with the mobile phone while driving the attention is distracted and risky. Therefore, bans were introduced in many states to use the mobile phone while driving with cars and bicycles. With a handsfree or. However, one may call a headset because then both hands stay on the handlebar, although it is known that even the calls itself distracts attention.

But self-resistant is the use of mobile phones or smartphones not only when driving, but also risky. That already has already occupied studies. Especially old people seem to be called for multitasking, while more young people have fewer problems at least when crossing a simulated strain.

Telephoning while walking can be dangerous

Also on the beach risky? Image: ROB124 / CC-BY-2.0

With an observation of fubgangern on a striving junction, it turned out that almost a third of people are distracted during the crossing of the strain or. inattentive. This is not just about the account of telephony with mobile phones or smartphones, through which more than 6 percent distracted for the observers rails. 11 percent will be unnecessary by Music Horens and 7.3 percent by SMS, which is natural with the use of cell phones and seems to be at the most dangerous. Of course, the crossing is also distracting in a group or at all talking to a companion.

The fact that mobile use is factually dangerous, shows a study of scientists of Ohio State University from the USA in the magazine Accident Analysis and Prevention. Scientists have evaluated a database in which injury trap from 100 hospitals are collected. From this, then the number of all injuries are settled, which are treated in the emergency recording of all hospitals in the USA. The data was used from 2004 to 2010. The scientists ame that in 2010 more than 1.500 Fubganger injuries that had to be treated in hospitals when walking, while they used a cell phone. These were more than twice as many as in 2004, when 559 injured were paid. The increase is therefore impressive because otherwise the number of injured fubgangers of 97.000 in 2004 to 41.Halved 000 2010. The scientists suspect that the increase has stopped since 2010, as the use of mobile phones and smartphones continues to grow and the mobile use of social networks is really exploded. Rechariously, according to the data, the number of Fubganger, which came to the emergency room due to a violation associated with mobile use in the emergency room, continues to increase, while the motorists in 2010 are reflected.

In this study showed that young people between 16 and 25 years are most danger, they probably use the gates most in the most intense. Manner are heavy danger than women, surprise, because they could mean that women communicate more intensively. 69 percent of the injuries are made when telephoning and only 9 percent in SMSEN. That’s why SMSEN is by no means safer. Presumably, so the scientists, sms the people of going very much less and phone calls Operter.

The real number of the distraction due to the mobile use / jerked fubganger was allowed to lie high, suggest the scientists. You have to investigate muscely as well as well as unconcentrated driving, then there were more accurate numbers. Co-author Jack Nasar is based on estimates for the injuries treated in emergency recordings by unconcentric driving in connection with mobile use and comes to about 2 million fubers who could have violated in 2010. These were already 3 or 4 million, but that was well allowed to be far exuberant. Nasar, however, is that not every person injured in the emergency room. Unfurbished people were avoided if it works. Therefore, for him the real numbers could still be high.

So, if the number of use of mobile use unconcentrated fubgangers continues to increase because it is always more intense on the way, the Google Glass users are still coming, then the time is now that the companies are responsible for using the cell phones. The parents should start: "Parents already bring their children to look before the crossing of the strain after both sides. You should also teach you off your cell phones when you go, especially if you cross a strain." Or should not you prefer to do without it as a model yourself?

However, you should not exercise the comparison of mobile phone-to-use car riders and Fubgangern. Fubgangs are most likely or stobbing together with another passers-by, unfallow with the car are much dangerable and therefore not to compare. Maybe it had to be attached to any mobile phone as well as cigarettes on each phone: "When walking or driving to use the mobile / smartphone, can be dangerous."

However, a study was published, according to which there should be no empirical connection between mobile use and car accurate. The mobile use in the years 2002-2005 was compared to a US provider, which started free of charge from 21 clock. The number of cell phone language in moving users rose by 7 percent during this period, but not the number of inflates. I probably carefully drive the people who talk about the scientists, or they are more about when they should make a call. This was able to distinguish the results in laboratories from real driving on striving.

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