1, 2 Or 3 taders?

After the attacks on a freedom of opinion and a synagogue, the Danische Ostitures try to clarify the background of the act

On Saturday, a 22-year-old exposed an automatic weapon an attack on the Copenhagen Cultural Center Krudttønden ("Powder") In which a discussion of freedom of expression took place. He shot the documentary film Finn Nørgaard and injured three police officers. There were no more victims because only because the police posted before the building policemen returned immediately and the tatter could not penetrate into the hall. While dozens of bullets, though windows and ture, did not do anyone, because the participants were immediately thrown on the floor or searched elsewhere.

Shortly thereafter, a seemingly drunk appeared in front of the Copenhagen Krystalgade synagogue and suddenly pulled a hidden weapon. Here volunteers were able to prevent the man from entering a confirmation ceremony with dozens of gastles and a massacre dressed. A voluntary security guard lost his life in exporting this service, two policemen were injured.

On the basis of monitoring photos, the police could narrow the escape route of the TATTER and presented a suspicid from an observed building on Sunday morning. When the suspicious then opened the fire on the officials, he came around in the defensive fire.

Father became known that the man had traded around the 22-year Omar El Hussein, a Danemark-born Arab, who had been released from the prison just a few weeks prioribly. There he had sat for about a year after he had died in the subway a 19-year-old and seriously injured. Previously, he had already noticed through gang crime and open-glitched anti-Semitism.

On Sunday, two men were arrested in connection with the striking. They should have done the tender logistical help, but not to be directly involved in the transaction. As it came to that on Saturday in all messages was only speech by two fellows, it is still unclear. Maybe witnesses had won a false impression due to the numerous fast successive shot from the automatic weapon.

The main objective of the attack on the cultural center is the Swedish art professor Lars Vilks, whose specialty is the provocation. In 2007 he honored a Mohammedkopf on a dog corporation for an exhibition on dogs in art. However, Vilks has not focused on Islam in his provocative efforts: as one of his critics said he did not trust himself "Youthful" to draw, he made exactly that.

After Al-Qaeda in Iraq (the foremeter of the terrorist group of Islamic State) due to the MohammedKaric a bounty in a high of 150.000 dollars had exposed to him, Vilks was provided under personal protection. That this personal protection was upgraded, among other things, an arson attack on his house and revealed stop planes of an American.

1, 2 or 3 taders?

Numerous Danen showed their sympathy after the attack by leaving flowers in front of the Krystalgade synagogue. Photo: Kim Bach. License: CC BY-SA 4.0.

The Connector of Copenhagen also played a role in the extension decision of the Braunschweiger police to cancel the carnival parade on Sunday. To this move were more than 200.000 visitors have been expected that you could not browse all.

According to media reports, the information about one "concrete" (and not blob abstract) Danger of a stop on the move not from an anonymous threatening caller, but by an informant of Lower Sachsian string protection, which has greatly monitored the Salafist scene in Braunschweig and Wolfsburg for several years.

He was supposed to come to his ears that on the event on Sunday at 13 o’clock a terrorist actuated. With information about the fans and the type of attack, he could not serve. The Braunschweig police stated the warning, but also without such details, as concrete enough to the warning "Schoduvel" to cancel Fruh on Sunday. On stop planes in other bads, there were no hints, which is why they took place yesterday as planned.

In the meantime, the public prosecutor’s office determines Hanover because of the suspicion of preparing a serious state-hazardous violence – so far still against unknown.

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