Autogas-powered chevrolet captiva 2.4 lpg

Autogas-powered chevrolet captiva 2.4 lpg

Munchen, 14. January 2010 – Driver Grober SUVs are often and gladly seen guests at the gas station – from the perspective of the car owner, the costly excursions are completely different. The operation with LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) goods a favorable alternative. Already ex works, the Chevrolet Captiva is in the "Ecologic"-Version prepared for it. He hardly distinguishes himself from his gas-free siblings. Only if we look more accurate, we notice the small LPG single neck in the rear pieces at the bottom left. And how are the seven-seater under gas?

On-board computer not set to LPG

Inside, the Chevy is as inexpressive and purposeful as the other Captiva too. In the trunk 465 liters of pack place. However, if you are unfolded the two additional seats, the traffic jam volume shrinks to a no longer significant MAB. In the center console, a small black crest points to the peculiarity of the Ecologic: here is switched between gas and gasoline, and the fullstand of the 53-liter autogas tank is read. The gasoline supply remains 65 liters and is displayed as usual by the tanker clock. In gas mode, however, in the on-board computer, however, neither the value for consumption nor the residue width, because the electronic helper is only calibrated for gasoline operation.

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