Chevrolet camaro with facelift

Chevrolet camaro with facelift

Russelsheim, 10. June 2013 – The name Chevrolet has received a slight taste for Opel fans in recent years, the American brand often offers the technology of the German subsidiary company, among other a label cheaper,. But next to the "Copies" Chevrolet also offers exciting sports cars like the Corvette or the Camaro. The latter was currently working on the US market, the European version should also get a facelift at the end of the year.


Among the Camaro, among other things, the front grille: while the upper game is artificially narrower, the lower area is lower and wider. Offings in the front hood should provide a cooler engine compartment and reduce the buoyancy in the area of the front. The most significant are the changes on the stern, here are horizontal jerk lights and a rear diffuser for a new look.

In the interior, the networked Mylink system with seven-inch touchscreen, jerky camera and speech recognition is form-mabig. At an additional cost, Chevrolet offers a navigation system and a colored head-up display. Another extra for the coupe version of the Camaro are electrically adjustable sports leather seats from Recaro. With the engines everything remains at the old one: with six-speed circuit the 6.2-liter V8 432 hp, with automatic it is 405 hp. As had had the Camaro as a coupe and convertible, the prices start as before at 39.990 euros. The slightly changed version of the sports car should come to the trade again this year.

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