Cybercrime: us insurance allegedly paid 40 million as a loose ground

Cybercrime: US insurance allegedly paid 40 million as a loose ground

After a ransomware incident, CNA Financial paid $ 40 million to Losegeld to a cybercrime band to get access to their own IT infrastructure. This reports the news agency Bloomberg, but names only anonymous sources.

CNA Financial is one of the largest insurance companies in the US and urged the ransomware incident in its own company. However, one does not want to go to the Losegeld – which is by no means unusual. Rarely give victims of ransomware himself too that and how much they paid. It was held at all laws and regulations in connection with such falls, Bloomberg quotes an evasive commentary of the Group speaker Cara McCall.

Lossing in record

40 million is the highest highest loose payment payment after a ransomware incident. It fits the current trend that the leading cybercrime bands specialize more and more on the so-called Big Game Hunting. In doing so, you are looking for a specifically acceptable sacrifice and not infrequently demands in millions. Colonia Pipeline has allegedly paid $ 5 million to put your IT back into operation.

This spectacular trap does not mean that smaller or medium-sized enterprises can breathe. This "market" – Cyber criminals see their activities as normal "Business" – Like smaller gangs with fewer resources and know-how very intensively. They relate frequently to matching software and services from the coarse gangs that then collect commissions for that. Ransomware as a service (Raas) has also become a huge underground market. But this trap with sliders in high of a few 10.000 or 100.000 Euro create it no longer has in the headlines.

Erprenged through Ransomware is a much rising danger of companies and organ stations of all kinds, even because the actors continue to improve their progress continuously. The successful breaking of emotated did not bring sustainable relief. Also the fact that it has apparently succeeded in bringing the infrastructure of the Cybercrime Bande Darkside Responsible Cybercrime Bande Darkside, that it is back from the business, is just a drop on the hot stone. Already before the band behind the Ransomware Maze has allegedly seated to rest when the ground was left under the piles. Only in order to return with fresh power and the Ransomware EGREGOR.

Note of the author: About the threat situation in the field of cybercrime and the current developments, I will survive on 10. June holding a lecture as part of the Heise Security Tour 2021.

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