Despite jerking: new daihatsu charade

Despite jerking: new daihatsu charade

Tonis, 22. February 2011 – Daihatsu wants to set a sign, it is called from tugivosts, where the importer is sitting by the Japanese brand. It is a surprising sign: Although the company had already begotted to bring back from the European market by 2013, the brand will bring back a new model to the market.

Surprise egg

The new one bears the name Charade, a model that previously existed as a leader of the Sirion. So really new is the model but not, technical – no – actually complete basis is the Toyota Yaris. In the other company logo, there are no differences to recognize. From the Toyota Yaris, the 1.3-liter petrol engine also comes as the only availability engine, which makes 73 kW / 99 hp in the charade. Is switched manually with six went or optional with an automated multimode gearbox. The consumption indicates Daihatsu for the switching cars with 5.2 liters (CO2 outstob: 120 g / km). The charage is offered as a funfturer with a hatchback. Daihatsu can not say anything about the prices or the planned stucco numbers.

Preserved technology

Many of the new charade may have something: the handlers can be offered a model in the remaining time until 2013 that largely current technical stand. Toyota can, as other companies like to do "old" Yaris for a while later – under the roof of daughter Daihatsu. Because the new Yaris already scarrows with the hooves. Even for customers, the preserved car is a good deal, if the price is right. Worry about the service you do not have to do that alone because the momentum handler helps and after 2013 also helps.

Mother Toyota helps

At Daihatsu it is called: "Service and warranty services will be able to use customers far beyond 2013". Maybe the charade is that "sign" For this, that Toyota will play a rough role, because under the hood there is many similarities anyway. Many alternatives also did not give: many today’s Daihatsu handlers will have to look for a new brand to continue to exist. Not all will be thrilled if they are supposed to provide spare parts for a brand, with which they otherwise do not make a business.

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