Driving report mercedes e 220 d all-terrain

Driving report mercedes e 220 d all-terrain

This comparison test consists of three parts.

Part 1: VW Golf Variant AllTrack (test)

Part 3: Opel Insignia Country Tourer (Test)

Forsterkombis, which also live on families and straws occasionally things like muddy forest paths, is available in all coars of many manufacturers. Mercedes offers such a thing in the form of the E-Class "All-terrain" at. When I picked up this car in Mohringen, I thought: Well, Prost! In wonderfully soft light leather cut out interior like the cockpit of a riva aquarama, with open-pored wood and black piano paint surfaces on the center console. And now in boots through the cow disc of the Alps …

Now, where I cleaned it cleaned, I am relieved: The interior is easier to cleanse than you think. The Forster or Father will still buy no wicked leather, but above all not a woman’s velor. And unlike tightly pedaled Italians, the E-Class (automatic) even with rubber boots are still great.

During Sebastian the Gulf About the Sava Fahr-Fahrs Passe, I took a more direct path from time to time, once through Switzerland, highway. And although we were all impressed, how much technology VW offers already in the compact class: there are hardly cars that are better to travel than a current E-Class. Where it is still calmer, gentle, nerve-friendly, there is usually a s on it, but also "Mercedes".

The orchestra at the uberhallspur

It starts at the amusement level. When you leave the diesel motor, you do not have the diesel engine, and I do not know how it’s you, but I give me the sound of a terraced cylinder diesel anyway nothing. It is so quiet in the interior that the low-cross-sectional tires are unpleasant, because otherwise there is no significant low-volume sources, the least the wind. In the power output you realize the gearbox, but the engine could also be an electric motor. A coarse compliment could hardly be made to a heating cipher. In this silence then a Burmester plant sounds, which simply plays everything like this, as the musicians somewhere in front of a highway. In the competitive environment like very distorting playback a rough joy, not only for me, but for many audio lovers. Man hoard a lot of music in the car.

Bose bill follows – not

In Switzerland, I also switched all the driving aids. The tempomat reads traffic signs and then sets the cruise control. The spur performance stop the car in the middle of the track. I thank the turn signal, looks, if free is free and then switches the trail so that I will not be bursting with such lower activities. The error rate is so low that the system does not annoy me – and I am annoyed very quickly. So I love me away all of Switzerland, and for the first time I do not fear that there is still a Bose bill. I was sorted as a driver type rather to BMW. But in the E-Class I understand the Mercedes driver type: Relaxed Daming. I had to be 100.000 km in the year taxi, I also got such an e-diesel, with automatic.

If I read the previous sales, you are almost embarrassing me. How many times have I written that the press does the PR car manufacturer? But I am: the current E-Class is a very good car, one of the best for traveling, because nothing annoys. If something is great, you have to say too. There is only one no one anymore. Certainly long almost 60.000 Euro for very much more exciting from the car world. But I do not have much more relaxing one. It’s natural to be the same as FUR Volkswagen: Mercedes let all pay for all. But who wants to travel like this: Where could he no matter how much money buy better?

Fats that make sports

From boredom I called Sebastian. We were arrived at about at the same time. Therefore, at the top of Mont Cenis for a joint departure to the campsite and the first photos in the evening light. "The golf is the dynamic in the trio", said Sebastian Father. In fact, he gave me some of them in his red people’s wainter. Sebastian is mainly a good driver. He also had the right: the golf is a short, more agile, has a better performance weight and although the DSG can be a bit storran while burning: he should once ride the Mercedes automatic. The stubborn to himself and your paddock entries, but then you can have just look like at the office or you’re waiting for the Santtnimmerleinsstag.

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