Drone with fixed flights flies like a hawk

Drone with fixed flights flies like a hawk

Against the agile multi-icing, the complicated flight manobs through and hover over a point on the ground, drones are valid with fixed animals as rather wearing, but considerably enduring. But the rigid flyers get more and more in the manevillance. Researchers of the Swiss University of Swiss EPFL in Lausanne brought himself up for inspiration in robberies.

In the current ie of Science Robotics, Enrico Ajanic report and its team from the laboratory of intelligent system of experiments with a drone, for the expression "Rigid" actually not really fits. Because the supports of the passenger are not rigid, but deformable. The researchers are based on their design at the flight behavior of the habtight, which can adapt his aircraft to the respective requirements: widely laid out for force-saving sliding flight or narrower on the body.

Also with regard to the span, tail and flying width corresponds to the "Lishawk" called drone pretty precisely the biological model. New on the current version, from which the researchers have published videos now, the moving tail springs are.

High control effort

This tail of the drone consists of nine springs, of which the middle fixed is mounted, during both sides four springs can be accompanied by. The aerodynamically effective flat can be extended by 214 percent. In addition, the tail can be tilted up and down and move later. The interaction of deformable flights and tail feathers caused a long-haul flight energy savings and enables aggressive manobs like flying tight curves even at low speeds.

(Source: EPFL)

The control effort for this design, however, is so high that the remote-controlled flight experiments has not yet been able to spend the full potential. "In the near future, we therefore increase the autonomy of the drone by providing the control system with artificial intelligence", promises Ajanic.

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