Ecuador on the way to the banana republic?

The Multimillionar and Banana Exporter Alvaro Noboa wins surprisingly the first round of the prasidal elections against the favored link candidate Rafael Correa

Surveys seem to be uphighing in Ecuador as quickly as elected prasides: In the small Sud American country, which spent seven head of state in just ten years, the 43-year-old Linkskandidat Rafael Correa was considered the election of the past Sunday as a clear favorite for the Prasident Office. But the Multimillionar Alvaro Noboa sat on the top surprisingly. For the runoff in November, the Polarized Land thus has to decide for a classically capitalist system or for a left-in-line government who wants to enter into the electricity around Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia.

As with the elections four years ago, where the Populative Ex-Staatsef Lucio Gutierrez convinced last year, surprisingly secured the prasidage, the Ecuadorian surveys were largely located this time. Contrary to all forecasts, the conservative Multimillionar Alvaro Noboa was just against the first favored Linkskandidate Rafael Correa, which thus at a runoff election against each other on 26. November. After the payment of two-thirds of the votes cast is Noboa with around 27 percent in the first place, Correa followed about 23 percent.

Only a few days earlier, it first looked that Correa had already secured the prasidage at a consent of up to 37 percent at the first ballot: 40 percent of the total votes and a distance of ten percent to the next competitor had enough for Ecuadorian suffrage to take over the office.

Gifted election victory

But obviously, Noboa has succeeded in the last few days to do less with arguments as with gifts with elective ground. Distribute this sweet in the style of a caudillo on his election events food and clothing among the spectators. His wife Annabella Azin moved with Arztekaravanen through the land and promised the residents Hauser and drugs in the name of their husband.

The Wahler seem to have believed that Alvaro Noboa, who was looking for the prasidage in 1998 and 2002, with a huge corporate empire as the richest man Ecuador. In addition to companies in the financial and real estate sectors, Noboa has one of the world’s big banana export companies, with which he has earned a golden nose. "I thank all poor Ecuadorians who voted for me," says Noboa on Sunday, Paternalist promised to procure this work, a roof and health as promised.

"The Ecuadorians are standing in front of two alternatives," polarized Noboa little later. "A dictatorship as under Fidel Castro or a prosperous country as Italy or the USA, in which the economy grows and people are free."Noboa plans to make Ecuador a capitalist model country that promises extensive tax assets for foreign investors. The fact that his private economic interests could be closely interlinked under his prasidage with national politics, with richer sectors in Ecuador already taken care of the elections for headaches. For Noboa, however, no topic that seems like Silvio Berlusconi as a media mogule in Italy wants to take the skills of his country.

With dirty campaigns in the runoff

As the first maaking under his prasid, Noboa wants to cancel any relationships with Venezuela and Cuba, because Venezuela mixed in the election campaign and financed the campaign of Rafael Correa. This again explained that Washington put everything from preventing his triumph in the elections. "The US government will not be anyone’s employees and we pay attention to our sovereignty," says Correa, which makes no secret from his close to the Venezuelan Chavez government, any financing by Caracas but as a dirt campaign back.

For Washington, the elections and Noboa as a candidate in Ecuador from two perspective importance: the usage contract for years controversial US military objects in Manta, which is the center for regional drug storage, runs formally in 2009. Correa raged that this contract is not required under its mandate at no price. From an economic point of view, Noboa is the guarantor of the signing of a free trade agreement between the two countries, which lies for months due to political quarrels around the expropriation of US ORDOLMultis Occidental on ice. Correa also does not want to pursue this, since regional economic agreements were harmed.

Correa: education and health should be free

Instead, Correa’s proclaims the creation of a United Latin American, which veneerzuelas Prasident Hugo Chavez also strives for. "It is time to construct this rough domestic country called Latin America," said Correa, which was briefly collected as a Minister of Economic Minister in 2005 under the previously reimbursing transit procedure Alfredo Palacio Government experience. His direction in the case of a prasid, he has clearly named: he wants to take a conclusion with the neoliberal course, which has further deepened poverty in Ecuador in recent years. "The system has transformed everything into goods," says Correa, who promises modern socialism in the case of a victory victory. Education and health should be free and free of charge for all.

To finance its projects, he plans to reduce the year-round service of foreign debt. If the proposal is not accepted, Correa wants to expose it if necessary. "Instead of financeing Miami, where the money fives, we should use it here," said the candidate from the left country alliance, which also wants to try to involve harmful financial speculation in the country. "The investors who buy shares and options and then disappear when it comes to the country worse, drabs should stay."

In order to demonstrate the single-chamber parliament and the traditional parties anchored there as consistently, Correa wants to convene an embossing gathering in order to redeem the country. Should the Congress try to cross the tarp, expertise Cornea to look for effective support on the strain: Two governments were gestured after road protests and indigenous surprises in the last six years.

However, theory and practice are somewhat apart in Ecuador. In 2003, Ex-Colonel Lucio Gutierrez, which was involved as militar at the fall of the government Mahuad in early 2000, with similarly radical and link-oriented planning to power. However, Gutierrez quickly turned out to be political Chamaleon, which was the reformless policy – not least because of the occupational opposition in Congress – continued and entangled in corruption courts. The anger on the strain and the following deduction by Parliament ended in April 2005 Jah the term of office of Gutierrez (escape through the outset).

The starting position of Correa was hardly allowed to be lighter. He can not access a social and political base that could now be missing when he has to enforce against the established right warehouse. Nevertheless, Correa, referred to as a "Christian linker", is confident to establish its land into the electricity with Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina and called for the left movements for unity. In the runoff on 26. November will show whether the checkbook policy Noboas or the left formulas of Correa can be used to convince.

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