Hair, 25. April 2014 – Bentley is currently testing a new version of the Continental GT on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. A photographer has photographed the car uncloaked. Special feature is a narrow but conspicuous wing at the rear. Also the front skirt is lower than on the GT models known so far.

Replacement for the W12?

The 4.81-meter-long two-turner coupe is currently available in V8, V8 S, W12 and Speed W12 versions. Which engine the new variant will have and how it will be lifted is still a secret. A more powerful version of the biturbo eight-cylinder engine with around 550 hp would seem to make sense. This would put it, in terms of power, in the middle between the version V8 S with 528 hp, which was introduced only in the fall of 2013, and the twelve-cylinder variant W12 with 575 hp. Then the car could be called Continental GT RS. The price was set between the two known versions, that is, at about 185.000 euros.

A replacement for the W12 would also be conceivable. Already now the Zwolfender seems to have more to do with prestige than with power. The W12 offers only 20 Nm more torque than the V8 S, which already has 680 Nm. And both variants are on a par when it comes to the 100 km/h sprint. On the other hand, the W12’s consumption of 14.5 liters in the NEDC is four liters higher.

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