Exhaust gas fraud: belgians demand compensation

Exhaust gas fraud: belgians demand compensation

Belgian consumer users insist Volkswagen compensate affected customers over emissions scandal. The consumer organization Test-Aankoop, which filed a lawsuit on behalf of Volkswagen drivers last week, was responding to a warning from VW CEO Matthias Muller that the car company would be overcharged. "To say that there is no euro left for European customers is unbelievable," Test Aankoop spokesman Simon November told Flemish radio station VRT.

Consumer organization stands by its complaint. Volkswagen has deceived its customers for years and must now also bear the consequences, said November: "We do not need to prove that Volkswagen has misled customers, because the carmaker itself has admitted this."The law provides for penalties.

"The sanction for misleading includes that the consumer can keep the car and that Volkswagen has to pay back the purchase price," the spokesman said. "It’s a heavy penalty, we know that, but the law provides for that penalty, so there’s no reason not to demand that."

Volkswagen had reached an agreement with authorities and plaintiffs in the USA on a package that is expected to cost the Group up to 15 billion euros. Muller repeatedly rejected a demand from German consumer protection groups for compensation for other customers, as is the case in the United States.

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