Exhaust gas manipulation at daimler

Exhaust gas manipulation at daimler

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) announced on Monday (11. June 2018) after a conversation with Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche an official recall of 774.000 Mercedes diesel vehicles announced in Europe, including 238.000 in Germany. The reason he cited inadmissible technology in exhaust gas cleaning. Daimler wants to carry out the recall, but also announced an objection to the decision. The opposition in the Bundestag sharply criticized the transport minister.

170 hp models only?

Daimler was already in trouble because of the Vito with the 1.6-liter diesel, in which the Federal Motor Transport Authority had complained about an inadmissible defeat device. Now the suspicion has expanded to include Mercedes models that are often sold. According to the ministry, the GLC 220d and the C 220d (both with 170 hp) are now also affected. The diesel engine, known internally as OM651, is built into both of them. This suggests that it will not stay with the 170 HP versions, after all, this engine is also built in the C-Class, for example, in the C200d with automatic (136 HP) and in the C250d (204 HP). It seems rather unlikely that an inadmissible defeat device was only installed in the 170 HP engine.

Update made easy

With a few exceptions, according to the company, the cars that have now been recalled are contained in three million diesels, for which Daimler had already announced a voluntary update of the engine software. It is not yet clear what exactly will be technically changed with the update. Daimler has several options: It is almost certain that the amount of injected urea (trade name “AdBlue”) will be increased. The affected models are homologated to the Euro 6b emissions standard and have an SCR cat. Two further possibilities were a change in the injection times and / or an increase in the EGR rate. With the latter, part of the exhaust gas is fed back into the intake tract. Both measures – whether used individually or together – worsen the combustion somewhat, the combustion chamber temperature drops a little, which results in less nitrogen oxide in the raw exhaust gas.

The opposition is trying to use yesterday’s meeting between Federal Transport Minister Scheuer and Daimler boss Zetsche to launch an attack. "Software updates are only cosmetic repairs and are also the cheapest solution for the auto industry," criticized the left’s transport policy spokeswoman, Ingrid Remmers. “What are the criminal consequences for the auto industry from the ongoing diesel scandal??“Despite constant revelations in the emissions scandal, the federal government is showing itself to be the guardian angel of the auto industry. Remmers demanded cash and mandatory retrofitting of the engine.

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