Falludscha: the short victory against the is?

the "Destruction of an IS convoy" and the rage of the inhabitants

Symbolic is always easy: the operation in Falludscha is the "midstone", Says the US Defense Minister Ash Carter in his congratulation address to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi. This had recently proclaimed the liberation Falludschaz when the struggle were not finished, but in the center of Iraqi flags were kept.

Even the youngest success looks impressive first, after high-tech: "Total destruction of an IS convoy in the West West of Falludscha" The subtitle of a video is to demonstrate the publicity of the Militar Technical Property of the Coalition against IS in Iraq.

The dayview reports that "apparently many IS campers were killed". The numbers were greatly fluctuated. According to the joint command (US plus coalition plus Iraqi association), more than 150 people were killed. At Fox News Wwrden 250 Tote Camphor Called. 260 vehicles of the Jihadistmiliz had been destroyed.

Who suspects the victory?

What is communicated here as divergence in the figures, turns out to be dispute with multiple levels when the messages roamed. For example, it is denied that the attacks were executed by the US Air Force, as this report several reports. An AFP journalist, which is obviously on site, counteract this presentation that it was the Iraqi Air Force. Also from Iraqi officials there are such information.

In discussions, supermaids are exchanged, if in the convoy vehicles actually only IS camphor or not civilians sab. That’s how it culminates in the suspicion, whether it was over an IS convo.

This is not to be verified by AUBEN, but the uncertainty about the extent to which success reports cover the realities is then still available from the members of the aid organization Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). They were hit by the hair even with the air raids, complains their boss.

The note of the inhabitants

The organization with the ownership name refers to another rough problem. She manages together with other organizations, the front path with the Norwegian Refugee Council, the overflowing warehouses in the nearby Falludscha. From 86.000 escape lingings is now the speech that suffer from gross heat (tip temperatures of 50 °) and considerable supply difficulties. During the liberation offensive, the supply had come as good as to the succession (Falludscha becomes humanitarian catastrophe).

The note of the city-enclosed, as shown in a CNN video, should change after the liberation Falludschas. However, the recordings also show another aspect that opposes the nearby alternative, the juxtapy in the city,. The escape of the escaping about the government.

Fear of the juxtapy of is

If one follows the report of the US Publery Daily Beast, so there is the city’s Sunnitan residents that the IS could return. That the jerking only for a certain amount of time and resume the milities as they already did, because the Iraqi central government does the same mistakes like earlier.

In contrast to the liberation jubilations, which explained in secondary rates, that this time did not come to revenge actions of the shiite militia after the conquest of the city, the report said the opposite. The speech is disappeared from a coarse list, which is to go to the account of the Shiite militias, is called the Katib Hezbollah. Also this can not be verified from outside.

But that the Council of the Provincial Government (Anbar Council) takes these charges seriously and speaks itself from disappearances, is already a reference that the way the Hearts At least winning the residents, as the Iraqi Premier had promised, a long and maohsamer is.

On testimony among participants of Iraqi offensive, AP reported that members of the Shiite Hashd Militis Association (also called Popular Mobilization Units) had certainly committed revenge acts. So you should have put on several houses.

The role of PMU

Officially – symbolic – should the shiite militias because of the special feature of "Sunni stronghold" Falludscha at the conquest of the city center not be there. The elite troop should do this. But obviously there were certain nearby, even the elite police troops have shiite members and are under command of a shiite, so that militias were at the top of the opponent’s opponent. Where they give reason for a renewal of the mood, which made the city ready for an IS conquest for an IS conquest.

Currently, Iraqi driving is discussed in Iraq, which role the PMU should take in the jerky conquest of Mosul.

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