In the solution of the cyprus crisis, russia foes ubergangen

With unusual hard words, Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev criticized the planned bank account levy on Cyprus. Russia does not want to accept a milled billion loss on Cyprus

The recommendation of EU finance ministers for a forced tax on Cyprus was surprise for Russian guided. The Kremlin had not been informed beforehand. Vladimir Putin reacted to the decision of the EU finance minister. The EU’s decision is "unfair, unprofessional and dangerous", Dear the Kremlin boss about his press spokesman Dmitri Peskov. What Putin said in detail, remained unclear.

You can ame that Putin asserted that the Cyprical Government, whose economy is strongly dependent on Russian bank deposits, has not coordinated the direction change in fiscal policy with Russia. Russia is closely linked to the Cypriot Finance. According to the Russian statistics office, Cyprus was in the end of June 2012 Russia’s largest foreign investor. Numerous Russian coarse companies and banks are registered on Cyprus or have invested money there, which is then invested in Russia in Russia.

Putin’s warning remained unnoticed

The Russian entrepreneurs had only passed on Putin, so the tenor in the evening news of the State Russian television station 1TV. Already in 2002, the Kremlin chief had asked the Handelandian business to deduct his money from the offshore zones in a speech before the Commercial and Industrial Chamber, because it is not safe there.

But Putin’s appeal behavior. Russian coarse companies such as Norilski Nickel, Metshel and the Holding Basowoj element have registered parts of their companies on Cyprus. Other Russian companies such as Gasprom, Lukoil and Evras as well as some Russian coarse banks have created money on the Mediterranean.

Russian banks threatens a loss of 42 billion euros

Calling on the Figaro, the Russian television station 1TV reported from the 68 billion euros to Cypriot bank accounts hedged 40 percent Russian investors. The Russian investors now expect a loss of two billion euros in the entry into force of the bank account delivery. However, the Russian losses were still gross in a state bankruptcy Cyprus. In this case, Russian banks could lose 42 billion euros.

Minister Prosident Dmitri Medvedev also criticized the planned bank account delivery in unusual sharp tone. The Premier spoke of "Confiscation of foreign money". During Russia’s champion "A normal entrepreneurial climate" to create, remember the banking tax to the Soviet era, as if to exchange "only a part" back.

The Russian Ministry of Finance threatened, among the given circumstances, is no longer safe from Cyprus of the Russian 2.5 billion-euro loan. In the opinion of the Rector of Russian Economic School, Sergei Guriev, the Kremlin wool with his "hard exercises" achieve that the Cypriot parliament is right against bank account levy. The non-demanding of the Russian loan for Cyprus Konne – according to the rector – drove that it comes in the government of the Mediterranean is a change.

Allegedly, the Gasprom Group also tries to turn on the Cyprus crisis. The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported, citing the Cypriot television channel Sigma TV, Gasprom offered Cyprus financial aid if the Russian company in return receives a license to the gas requirement before the Kypper Kypper. However, this message was denied by Gasprom spokesman Sergei Kuprijanov.

Strangely on Russian reporting is that the critique of German opposition parties, on Cyprus is washed Russian mafia money, with no word is mentioned. Instead, the state transmitter of the OKONOM RUSLAN GRINDBERG was worded, which explained, behind the banking tax on Cyprus "The German position in the ratio to the countries that do not improve their public finances."

Total printing extreme than compulsory delivery

According to Russian media reports, part of the Russian investors has already deducted bank deposits in Cyprus and transferred to accounts in Latvia and Singapore. Part of the Russian companies registered in Cyprus will be looking for a new legal address for business with the EU, writes Moscow Kommersant. For a part of the Russian investors, be the reputation of Cyprus as a financial center "Factally destroyed". However, it will not come to a complete deduction of Russian capital from the Mediterraneansel, as the cost of the capital deduction is high than the costs for the planned compulsory levy.

The prassident of the Russian entrepreneurship, Aleksandr Schochin, said, for the security of the banking system it would be better when Cyprus leaves the euro zone. The ban of the association explained the international trust in the Russian banking, tax and legal system will grow against the background of the Cyprus crisis and lie at about ten years at west level.

The Prasident of the Russian Investment Society OneKSIM, Mikhail Prochorov, who is entitled to the richest Russians with a 13 billion dollars, explained in an opinion contribution for the commercial, the loss of two to three billion euros in Cyprus Konne the Russian economy "cope." With the bank account delivery, Europe has "The socket of the Pandora open", because the private property underer "To the basics of Western civilization".

Oligarch demands the reduction of social warranties

Russia – so the oligarch – MUSS from the euro crisis to draw the doctrine to lower the social warranties for the population. For if the western states were forced to access social warranties with their high labor productivity, the for Russia with his low productivity must only be considered.

On Wednesday, the Cypriot Finance Minister Michalis Sarris is expected to talk about spoken in Moscow. The talks are about the relocation of the Russian 2.5 billion euro loan to Cyprus. The newspaper commerant asks if the meeting in Moscow is still at all "make sense". Because the EU has already decided the rescue of the Cypriot banking system without the participation of Russia.

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