Iphone 12 and 12 pro: component shortage due to corona

IPhone 12 and 12 Pro: Component shortage due to corona

More and more electronic products from the mobile phone to game consoles are heavier than before, because there are still corona-conditioned delivery carties in important components. This could affect fear of analysts, pleasure also Apple – and here in particular current top models such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Availability despite crisis still good

Currently you get an iPhone 12 Pro Max still within three days when you adopt Apple’s express delivery. For more favorable models like the iPhone 12 Pro, the delivery period has already been high on nine days. The iPhone 12 also comes within three days. Already in November there had been reports that component shortages in particular with power management semiconductors and complex components such as the Lidar segment reduce the availability of certain iPhone 12 models.

Apple has a lot hoarded

In the meantime, Apple had caught up here and hoarding a report of the Financial News Agency Bloomberg even chips. Underneath, electronics manufacturers suffered as well as car growing. This is how the mobile radio chip quantity Qualcomm "Sharacters in all areas", Since one as industry is dependent on a few suppliers in Asia. The companies had made mistakes for orders in the Corona crisis. Thus, these were bolted in the past early year, but then could not be increased so fast in the summer as the market recovered.

Apple flies its iPhones private

To boost the deliveries, the component manufacturers had to build new production lines. But that’s exactly what can last months and often years. As it is currently ordered about Apple’s existence, the Group only alone – he does not make any information before Wall Street envoys. Currently, the iPhone manufacturer also struggles on another front: supply chains are partially interrupted and are replaced by private cargo bottles – Apple flew 2020 never so much with specially chartered machines.

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