Kanther’s new search engine

A car wash for the net?

Slowly Realitat returns to the debate for child pornography (sense and winner of the porn debate) and the role of the Internet for the dissemination of the dirty goods. After the topic – Focus even brought the spooky discussion about one "Specific information for online services" in the summer hole – and the lap made by all beer garden, the facts are suddenly hardly worth mentioning: the pictures found in Holland are an old hat, explained approximately Jurge Schmittgall, who in the Commissioner 123 of the Munchner police for youth and media protection is stateful and together with his colleagues from the commissariat 343, the "Police patrol on the internet", Search for traces of sex crime in the network. Mafiose structures in the digital sowing of the illegal porn pictures could not make up the detective officer. But while the media calm down, the politicians keep up and make the control of the Internet to the campaign topic.

Interior Minister Manfred Kanther (CDU) For example, this time wants to do seriously. As he liked his press office, he wishes a new search program with which it "The investigator will be possible to find child pornography automatically on the internet." And generally in the government are more and more votes loudly, the use of others "Cyber Cops" in all farmlands for the "Suspected and event-independent" Search for forbidden pornography in the network. "Now MUB the law enforcement are expanded", Does not just mean government speakers Otto Hauser. In this sense, for example, the Berlin police conducted by Interior Senator Jorg Sandbohm (CDU) has now established a new control center for crime fighting on the Internet.

Child pornography as an internet problem?

The proposals Stoben at the opposition on criticism. "The federal government brings the impression that the problem of pornography with children predominantly an internet problem", Annexes the SPD member of parliament Jorg Tauss. This will be hidden that such sexual crime is still in width than "Cavalier" were traded and ultimately a social problem represented: "The possession of Hashish is punished in Bavaria hard than the child pornography", Emport the network expert. The Internet is highest supersonor of the goods, but the coarse part with the "Yellow Post" be sent.

The development of a porn search engine holds the Bundestag MEP for "wasted money", because you could use the same sum policemen with computers. In addition, state crime markers and the Munchner Internet stirring are already considered as "Miracle Weapon" In the fight against the dirt traded on the net "Perkeo filescan" equipped "Program for detecting children’s pornographic unique objects" (Knuppel in the sack). But the porn scanner has his weak, Heinz Willebrand, Head of the Unit at the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI), which by Kanther with the development of the new "Internet determination tools" was commissioned. "Perkeo can only recognize duplicates because it creates exam sums of images and compares them", explains Willebrand. This feature is particularly suitable for scanning hard drives and searching for already known pornographic files on the Internet. "But as soon as a bit is changed in the material, the hit rate is zero."

(K) a second duratory attack

The hunt for new documents of child rape is now possible to be possible with an autonomous search engine. "The investigative tool will work in principle like a meta-searchengine and should give the police on the basis of a tool", Allowed the BSI employee. Similar Already existing super search engines such as Metacrawlers or MetaSearch automatically ask several single pleasant services such as Altavista or Lycos, which in turn index the Web or Newsgroups with the help of robots. The functions of these metasearchers were adapted, according to Willebrand, currently adapted for the needs of cyber cops, as the alternatives already available free of charge in the network are too generalized. One of the main differences lies in that the new machine ready for use before 1999 "Subarages of the World Wide Web or Usenet, in which we suspect certain scene groups, from scanning at any time" can.

Of a "Second lying on the Internet" However, the safety technician did not know anything: "Above all, we want to signal that the police pay for efficient research means in case of necessity to deter tatters." By no means is intended for the automated eaves of the chat corners of the network. "The Kame yes the dependent of telephone languages the same and that is missing on the Internet every legal basis", Willebrand defends the planned product. No solution so far also for that "Quantity problem": All the files discovered by the machine must be seen individually by the officials, as on technical filters alone, in view of the sensitivity of the images, no obligation.

Whether the porn search engine is actually driving to searching success, is completely unclear. "The Internet is a medium of second or third recycling in the field of child pornography", Weib Karlheinz Moewes, Head of Munchner Surfer Strife, from his now three-year activity as a cyber cop. So far and wide no trace of new material. "Some of programs" Had he and his four colleagues in addition to the search for e-shaped images in use – among other things, they use the normal search engines. At the same time, the officials are hidden in chats or newsgroup discussions and together with the Bavarian state criminal office alone last year already set 544 criminals.

How many Cyber Cops does the country need?

Also the policy relay after the settlement of other websites in other federal stations pursued by the Criminal Hauptkommissar "very skeptical". Be more effective "a central office", which at the same time serves as a touch point for the burger: "Unofficially, we are already not only famous for munches, but for the whole federal republic and also in use worldwide." Have now been searched in all 16 federal tuts websites for sexual criminals and paorders, became "13 Get the same tatter and wastewater worker." Even with the current transparent and standing with each other, it has occurred that individual separately researching officials met anonymous in the network and made mutually striking offers. "This is, of course, anything but efficient", gives moewes to consider.

As a further obstacle especially at the total "Excellent working cooperation" With international bodies Moewes makes the "Different legal views of different countries" the end. So the upper limit for the term "child" Once at 14, another time at 18 years, and already within the European Union there was no uniform segregation of punishable pornography. In this area, the criminal official actually looks for action: "Here are the politicians demanded to create equal conditions." ()

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