Less privacy and more inventory data retention against child pornography?

Less privacy and more inventory data retention against child pornography?

The abuse officer of the Federal Government, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig is pleased about the youngest investigative success of the BKA against child pornography, the discovery risk of the Padokriminals but not rough enough, he said in an interview. There is one "Unentual online market for abuse pictures".

The BKA briefly had a children’s porn ring called "Boystown" smashed in the Darknet, the 400.000 user accounts had. A question of our site to further backgrounds, for example confiscated material, has not yet answered the BKA. [Update 4.5.21, 14.53: According to BKA, the searches of the suspicious extensive data carrier could be ensured.]

Children’s pornography platform "Boystown"

It must have "Be sure to be replaced in relation to privacy and child protection in Germany" Rorig said the Inforadio of the RBB. Often the privacy of the child protection internet is still in the way. "For example, we have a rough problem in the exchange of abuse pictures over Messenger such as WhatsApp or Telegram. It is not possible for the police to determine reasonably"; The show also the case Metzelder with the commissioner."

"Digital footprint"

What RORIG exactly with "Protection for child protection" says, he did not explain in the current interview. In the event of a prime opportunity, he had demanded an EU-law-compliant data retention to lose track of the fans. A first important step is that investigators with "Chastity samples" Access to the Darknet was allowed to get Rorig now.

Hessens Justice Minister Eva Kuhne-Hormann (CDU) pointed to their long-term commitment in the evidence of child pornography in the event of their long-term commitment. The plenty of "Chastity samples" Go back to long-term Hessian initiatives. For prior year, investigators have been involved in computal abuse pictures. But now the investigators still have difficulty determining the taders when they do not reveal any information on the Internet.

"In these cases, the digital footprint is often the only clue that we have, but we can only be difficult for the current legal situation. It is completely unsatisfactory that, for example, without the traffic data storage, the tatter will be protected and not the victims", said kne-hormann.

Digital evidence

the "Boystown"-Server had stood in Moldova after previous findings, shared the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. The show again how important in this field the international cooperation is. "Against this background, it is sacrificent that the Federal Ministry of Justice is no longer for it that the negotiations on the E-Evidence regulations at European level, which were facilitated to the investigation compensation, finally take ride", it is called in a message from the group.

A draft regulation of the EU Commission for the breeding access to electronic evidence ("E-Evidence"), among other things, that judiciary keys from a Member State may request inventory data as well as connection and location information and content data of e-mails or chats, which are independent of their location directly from service providers, which are in the EU tatig or established.

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