Michael moore: “pirty copy is allowed as long as nobody deserves about it”

His new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" may also be exchanged as a bit torrent copy in the network

The opponents of Michael Moore hoped for a spectacular process, but the fat word: as long as it happens for free, for him: P2P and burner free!

Michael Moore has already become clear on his European tour last year: he wrote his books and do not turn his films to become rich, but to show abuses and now concrete to ask Prasident Bush from the woman’s house, which he also with the Buchers and films earned money use coarse part wool. That’s why he said then, especially in connection with the new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11", Uber people who exchange books, audio files and films from him in the net:

"As long as you do not ask for any money, so enrich yourself with my work, but only spreader my thoughts further, for which I made the movies and books yes, is that completely okay. I do not agree with the current copyright laws!"

This also facilitated the reporting of the tour and led to Europe-wide intensive broadcasting of parts of the tour in radio and television. But of course, Oopter was doubted whether Moore was still reminiscent of these words in the copyright technical experience.

Michael Moore seems like Howard Stern, who once said that his enemies were getting his shipments far more long than his fans and so promptly also made him one of his declared opponents on the rehearsal: Jim Kenefick, who the anti-Moore website Moorewatch operates, on the one hand every splendor of kinobesides, "Fahrenheit 9/11" To boycott, praise in the highest tone, but on the other hand supplies the download link to a bit torrent copy of the strip fled by the canvas.

Michael Moore:'raubkopieren ist erlaubt, solange niemand daran verdient'

Michael Moore in November 2003 on European tour in Augsburg

Inconsistent? No, he wants to promote Michael Moore’s business with the most successful US documentary at the KiniCasse, which at the first weekend after the US launch already 21.8 million dollars played – an absolute record for a documentary film – and also the possible DVD Sale, which was allowed to stand just before the election. And so the alliance against Bush financially weak.

The film rental Lions Gate Entertainment was also hacked several times and decorated with a download link to the bit torrent copy. Currently, the hack has only remained in the film description: "Try: Michael Moore is fat lol". Tom Ortenberg, Chief of Lions Gate Entertainment, was therefore sometimes a bit unnerved and the Moore opponents already hoped for a publicity-friendly process.

Well, bad luck, Michael Moore is actually standing for his words and explained this now once again in an interview with the Scottish Sunday Herald:

"I Do not Agree With The Copyright Laws And I Do not Have A Problem With People Download The Movie And Sharing It With People As Long AS They’re NOT TRYING TO MAKE A PROFIT OFF My Labor. I do Well Enough Already and I Made This Film Bape I Want The World, To Change. The More People Who See It, The Better, So I’m Happy This Is Happening. Is It Wrong for Someone Who’s Bough A Film On DVD To Let a Friend Watch It for Free? Of Course it’s not. IT Never Has Been and Never wants to be. I Think Information, Art and Ideas Should Be Shared."

Clear that this interview is already circulating in the network and the film industry is raging because the reluctance of PolitClowns undermined its argumentation. At the moment she can do little. However, this can be done with the appearance of the DVD: the production studio Miramax goes to the Disney Group, who promptly wanted to stop the film in early May and whose Group subsidiary Buena Vista Home Entertainment is probably received the DVD rights to Fahrenheit 9/11. Disney is known as one of the sharpest copyright advocates (movie rights: a dinning game), funded by Walt Disney, who once had to find at Warner Brothers, not even to own the rights to his own cartoons and therefore his own studio underlying. Who in autumn still the filtered copy exchanges – or even a qualitatively better DVD-RIP – could get Argger. If not of Michael.

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