Nrw invested in opnv

Nrw invested in opnv

More modern dashways, reactivated rail tracks, fast buses on the country – North Rhine-Westphalia wants to invest in the long term billions in an attractive personnel traffic. The national cabinet has on Tuesday (3. December 2019) In Dusseldorf a macawance package decided to better network the intended initiatives and to yield additional offers.

Plan for the coming eleven years

By 2031, as it is already available, a billion to bring to the city and dusting networks from the 1970s and 80s technically up to date, said NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wust (CDU). Add to this is the additional demand from fast bus lines with 100 million euros. The buses should receive the mobility, especially in the rival room, where no railways drive. Also new is a 100 million euro program for personal recalls on call. For this purpose, 120 million are provided.

In addition, in addition to the planned extensive construction and modernization work for a robust rail network, it should be invested in addition to a sturdy rail network and to provide delights. After all, hours in the next few years of renovation measures for over 80 billion euros in the German rail network, said Wust. 140 million euros in state resources should serve to reactivate unsuspected railways.

Increased co-financing

For the construction and new construction of public transport, the state government reserves another 600 million euros. A fundamental change now also allows the renovation of strain and subway systems from this pot, underlined the minister. The country reached its co-financing, so that the municipalities had to raise only ten percent deductible. Wust appealed to the public transport companies, now planning so that the money also fell off.

That there is an urgent need for action, is undisputed. However, that is so rough, which could hardly be sufficiently enough the financed funding. Especially since from the past still a lot to work up the goods. The plan of the Quick Lay Connection RXX between Dortmund and Koln, for example, is not implemented despite many starts until today. The project failed so far unobstructed to lack of money.

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