Nuclear power: akw grafenrheinfeld has no focal elements

Nuclear power: AKW Grafenrheinfeld has no focal elements

The Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant, which was turned off in June 2015 and has been jerking since April 2018, now contains no nuclear fuels. On Tuesday the last loading of a transport and storage container of the type Castor had been successfully completed, operator Peussenlektra participated.

The retainer was made of the reactor building lust and brought into the site wiping bearing. The fueling element bearing basin of the AKW Grafenrheinfeld is completely empty, the plant free of fuel. This is 99 percent of the radioactive mass removed from the operating time.

PrussianElektra evaluates the process as an important milestone in the backbone of the plant. "Further residual operating systems are now no longer required and can be permanently taken over", Allowed plant conductor Bernd Kaiser, which is now reduced to shifts of layering. 2021 a quarter of the employees should take new tasks and positions. Currently working in Grafenrheinfeld almost 200 employees: inside.

Plane for 2021

From 2021, the reactor prere retained installations are to be disassembled in Grafenrheinfeld. For this purpose, first of this, components and devices must be removed to be removed on the high of the leered fuel assembly basin to prepare bearing, handling, disassembly and packaging flats for the upcoming coarse project.

The AKW Grafenrheinfeld ran from 1982 to 2015. The prere water reactor had an electric gross performance of 1345 MW. Through the 13. Novella of the Atomic Law lost the system your authorization for performance operation.

Since 2018, a good 750 tonnes of demolition were collected, just under 31.000 Other tons are still imminent. In 15 years, the backbau should be completely completed.

Six AKW are still in Germany

Nuclear power: AKW Grafenrheinfeld has no focal elements

Since Marz 1984, block C of the AKW in Bavarian Gundremmingen is in operation. Block A was in operation from 1967 to 1977. The block B gone in 1984 was on 31. December 2017 turned off, block C – also put into operation in 1984 – should follow 2021.

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