Opera ball of car engineers

Opera ball of car engineers

Vienna, 15. May 2015 – all yearly, if in the Prater the chestnuts bluhen and the Fiaker teams compress the scent of spring, the leading automobile engineers meet the world’s largest event in Vienna. All coarse automobile congresses always affect the entire vehicle. More than a thousand participants and over fifty lecturers meet each other in historically significant ambience, in the Vienna Hofburg – this year already to the 36. Times. The initiator, the land and leading head behind it is the now emeritized universitanistisor Hans Peter Lenz. He was from 1974 to 2002 board of the institute for internal combustion engines and motor vehicle construction at the TU Vienna. The HERMOVATED MASCHINE engineer from Bonn has always had excellent contacts with the German auto industry. Many of his former students could also make a career there in the episode, which at least partially explains the mystery of a relatively high number of Easter-rich engineers in the German auto industry.

Commitment to the plug-in hybrid

If it went out of the intimacy of the internal combustion engine to improve the combustion engine to improve the combustion process, compression consumption and injection cycling and printing, the topics have meanwhile experienced a tremendous expansion: first with introduction of the catalyst and increasing popularity of the diesel engine, then the full-bodied envisment to the millennium Alternative drives, from biosprit over natural gas to hydrogen, for hybrid drive and the fuel cell. As far as mentioned alternatives is concerned, a little dickness has been found, now it works thematically with full throttle in the direction of electrification of the powertrain. The most important message of the automotive researchers is now probably the commitment to the plug-in hybrid, because on the one hand is purely electrical driving possible, at the same time can be achieved by the internal combustion engine still familiar ranges.

For Peter Gutzmer, Technology Board of Schaeffler AG, especially the transmissions represent a key to a high efficiency, as they operate as part of the increasing electrification of the automobile as a link between combustion and electric drive. In terms of electrification 48 volts are again a topic. Hyundai Kia is also very active at the level of low voltage hybridization. With comparatively little effort, significant CO2 and fuel savings can be measured.

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