Presentation: harley-davidson fxdr 114

Presentation: harley-davidson fxdr 114

Harley-Davidson and Sport does not fit together for many in consideration of the heavy chopper and cruiser of the brand. But what is hardly known in Europe: Harley-Davidson was a long time in the Dirt Track – the American version of the Speedway – with the XR 750 very successful. Proud 29 US titles reached the brand. Also in drag-racing there are many very potent motorraders of the US brand, even if they often have little to do with the production model. But exactly in this notch Harley-Davidson now wants to beat the FXDR 114. It is inspired by drag racing and should glance with high performance. Almost amazing is the fact that Harley-Davidson has dealt with the subject of lightweight construction.

Huge torque

This is not the idea that is not so new. Harley-Davidson had already made a muscle bike in the program with the V-ROD in 2001 in the program whose water boiled engine had been developed by Porsche. Last year, Harley-Davidson introduced the production as the sale finally went a pretty sluggish and the V-Rod does not meet the Euro4 standard. In the strongest version came the 1247 cm3 coarse V-ROD engine to 125 hp and 114 Newton meter torque.

So now the US brand present the FXDR 114 with its second-oriented Milwaukee-eight engine, a 1868 cm3 large V2, which corresponds to 114 cubicinches. It also uses the so-strongest model of the Softail series, the FAT BOB 114, in torque around Funf Nm and punches up to 160 nm on the crankshaft, but it must return to three horsepower in the maximum power and comes to 91 equestrian. The lie for 550 / min Fruher, namely at 4500.

More wrading possible

Harley-Davidson relies on displacement and torque instead of high top performance at high speeds. While it does not necessarily have something to do with drag-racing, but the passing values of the FXDR 114 were allowed to be outstanding. For this, the developers have pulled the air filter inlet far forward and the airbox increased. The powerful two-in-one exhaust system was redesigned and for the first time in the company’s history, a model carries a laterally applied silencer. To achieve the FXDR to the right 32.6 degrees closing position (left: 32.8 degrees) – for a Harley-Davidson much, for a motorcycle rather little. The problem: The joints are set up.

Lightweight construction at Harley-Davidson

The advertised handiness must therefore be considered in relation. A motorcycle with a wheelbase of 1735 mm and a caster of 120 mm with a steering head angle of 66 degrees can not have agile driving behavior. But whoever is only used to the handicraft Cruiser of the brand, will enjoy a completely new curve behavior.

The topic "lightweight" should also be considered differentiated. Harley-Davidson is proud to have built a tail frame made of aluminum, while the main frame developed specifically for the FXDR consists of steel pipes. Also the newly constructed rocker is made of light metal. The protective sheets are made of light composite material and the front 19-inch aluminum rim has very dun spokes.

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