Purchase program for electric cars: market researchers doubt incentive

Purchase program for electric cars: Market researchers doubt incentive

The doubling of the purchasing program for electric cars for electric cars stabbed in market researchers in the economic stimulus package of the federal government. For only a few potential buyers, the purchase price is in the foreground, PwC has determined in a survey.

8 percent of the potential German e-auto builders had stated according to E-Readyness Study that state demands are massively influencing their purchase decision. In contrast, the fuel consumption or the mileage of an E-car, namely for 22 percent, had much coast influence on the conditions of fuel. With 19 percent, environmental aspects and 16 percent follow the possibility to load the car at home.

For the study, 1057 end consumers from Germany were interviewed. In addition, which interviewed from France, Italy and Spain. E-Auto Skeptics in Germany criticized the limited range (23 percent), the long loading time (19 percent) and the high cost compared to burns (15 percent).

90.000 Euro annual income

Of the 2 percent of European respondents who already have an electric car, the average individual annual gross income is 90.000 EURO. They are average 45 years old and have a private parking at 83 percent at home. 56 percent of them live in city centers.

At 68 percent of European interviewees, the interest in the purchase of an electric vehicle, the average annual gross income amounts to 48.000 EURO. The interested party is an average of 40 years old and has its own parking at home in 70 percent of the trap. 54 percent of them live in city centers.

The gross coalition had decided on Wednesday, among other things, in which a total of 130 billion euros extensive economic power packet electric vehicles with a price of 40.000 Euro to demand 6000 euros by the end of this year. 2.2 billion euros are provided for this purpose. Is disputed whether these and other parts of the package advance the road, as the Federal Environment Minister says.

Electric cars in Germany

Volkswagen has been returning since September 2020 with the ID.3 the first electrical car of its coarse offensive on the e-sector.

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