Saving for the connoisseur

Saving for the connoisseur

Wolfsburg, 5. June 2014 – After a long lead time, Volkswagen AG has now delivered the first VW XL1 – to Berlin. Series production started in the spring, the high-efficiency car costs 111.000 euros and will initially be built in a small series of 250 pieces. It is mainly aimed at collectors and enthusiasts.

The first buyer Dr. Christian Malorny describes his personal reason for buying as follows: "I was enthusiastic about the XL1 from the start and I am delighted to be able to drive my own now. With its visionary design and high-tech look, Volkswagen has dared to do something new and innovative." Malorny had already shown himself to be very impressed with the concept of the XL1 in his four-week long test. He heads the automotive sector at the consulting firm McKinsey in Berlin, so he is also professionally involved with mobility and society. His own XL is mother-of-pearl with a black-gray interior – the colors that already looked best on the tester.

8.4 HP for 100 km / h

With a standard consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers, the XL1 is the most economical diesel hybrid in the world. Unlike many high-volume hybrids, the XL1 manages its consumption quite easily in real terms, instead of being optimized for the NEDC. The drive is provided by an 800 cubic diesel two-cylinder with 48 hp in combination with a 27 hp electric motor. The two-seater can travel up to 50 kilometers purely electrically, and the total range is ten times as much. When it comes to saving energy, the minimobil helps with its weight of less than 800 kilos, perfect aerodynamics with a Cd value of 0.189 and its narrow, low-resistance wheels. According to VW, 8.4 HP are enough to glide over the plain at a constant speed of 100 km / h. In electric mode, the Volkswagen is content with less than 0.1 kilowatt hour for a kilometer of driving.

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