Survey: connectivity services in the car asked, but little known

The automakers have even gross recovery in advertising for their connectivity services. Although more than 80 percent of the new car buyers are primarily interested and willing to spend more money, but at least 40 percent give to know no concrete offer of any car manufacturer, though they have been in part in the market for several years. The first ie of the "Car Connectivity Compass", which was jointly published by the Munchner strategic consultants "Berylls Strategy Advisors" and "MM Customer Strategy" and should appear in terms of art. For the investigation, about 1000 motorists were interviewed.

Potential new car buyers were initially backed up if they are addressed directly to their interest in a networked vehicle, it is called in the evaluation of the survey. Compared with special equipment such as leather sitting or metalliclack, the use of Internet-based services for search, navigation or retrieval of current traffic information is just just about every fourth respondent an important purchase criterion. However, this other as soon as the customer’s advantages have been shown. Then, at least 83 percent of respondents "very likely" or "possibly" for these services numbers. Concretely, most customers were ready to spend additional money, navigation and comfort connection services in the field of security, navigation and comfort.

That the manufacturers should not be too much time with better marketing, shows another point. For a customer finally used a certain service, this could become an essential factor of his brand loyalty. After all, 20 percent of respondents were sweeping their favorite brand the jerking if a competitor offers the desired offer for otherwise same prices and equipment Gunstiger.

But the current access retention of the motorists was allowed at least another reason. For example, BMW offers a folk of functions and services under the slogan "ConnectedDrive", but the emotion is at least 250 euros a year. The hurde reduces the manufacturer on a skilful way. New car buyers who order the expensive navigation system "Professional" will receive the first three years the service for free. Who chooses "business" for the cheaper system, gets free only half a year. Both serve, the manufacturer hopes that customers are convinced by the intentions so that they pay the quota subscriptions after expiration of the free phase.

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