Venezuela: “crack in the internal power structure of chavism”

Venezuela:'riss in der internen machtstruktur des chavismus'

Blank store shelves in Venezuela. Photo: Zialater. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Supreme Court wanted legislative debated and taking his competences

Yesterday, the Supreme Court announced that his decision to deceive Parliament, and to take over his competences on Wednesday, has decreased. Shortly thereafter, the Venezuelan State President Nicolas Maduro explained, the beginning of the longitudinal crisis in which the country was found since the verdict "overwound". On Saturday morning he had announced after a meeting of the National Defense Council, the Supreme Court of the country becomes his decision "check" and "correct", to the "institutional stability" and the "Balance of state-owned powers" not to danger. At the Defense Council session, which was boycotted by the opposition parliamentary language Julio Borges, had also participated by court Prassident Maikel Moreno.

On the day before, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz had glamored during a live performance on television in a way, from which political scientist Luis Salamanca one "Crack in the internal power structure of chavism" Defined: She described the verdict as "Breaking the prancellable order", while Maduro defended at the same time in a speech before attachments of his party.

Judicative ames legislature

The judgment was the last decision in a dispute between the Supreme Court and the Parliamentary majority, which will be backed up in August 2016: At that time, the General Court decided that the parliament acted illegally with the swearing of three of the 112 opposition deputies because they have because of the Suspected to have cheated in your choice, your mandate was not allowed to perceive for the time being.

Although the opposition with 112 out of 167 is not instructed in these three votes, the court declared in the months again and again decisions of Parliament for disgraceful until the judges of the National Assembly concluded all skills and enters all competences, they were now representative of these tasks perceive for the chosen deputies.

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