Vote in munster: 30 km-h speed limit in the city?

Vote in munster: 30 km-h speed limit in the city?

The council of the city of Munster will vote on Wednesday (13. December 2017) after years of discussion on the alarm action plan and speed 30 on some streets in the city center vote. This is intended to reduce the road alarm – for the benefit of residents. According to the Federal Environment Agency, people who live directly on a very noisy street often not only have trouble sleeping, but also suffer physically. but also suffer physically and mentally. If the plan passes the council, Munster would likely see some routes go off in spring 2019.

Years ago, the EU adopted the Ambient Air Quality Directive. In it, the member states are required to measure ambient noise in urban areas and then to combat it in a second step. Since then, so-called alarm maps have been drawn up in Germany’s municipalities and alarm action plans have been adopted. NRW is further along in this process than many other federal states: according to the latest figures as of 1. January 2015, according to the Federal Environment Agency, 374 of 396 municipalities in NRW have carried out a larm mapping exercise. 292 municipalities have submitted a notification for larm action planning. And in 159 municipalities, measures were taken as a result of the action plan.

Speed 30 to the standard speed and 50 km. Proponents argue less noise and air pollution. In addition, the average speed in large cities is already below 30 kilometers per hour. Opponents, on the other hand, fear an artificial obstruction of traffic flow and doubt that noise and pollution levels will be significantly reduced.

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