Car toll: dobrindt wants to change the spd with changes

Transport Minister Alexander Dobindt (CSU) Kundiger on Wednesday, he will propose a different model of short-term tariffs for ten days and two months in the coalition. Previously, the SPD had led to a passing of the toll laws in the coming week to conditions. Experts criticized in an appeal, however, central points of the tarp. The opposition called for a stop of the toll.

SPD factions vice Soren Bartol said, without changes to the law, there will be no consent of his party. In addition to corrections for short-term tariffs, the SPD wants to send a burocracy and revenue check after two years. In addition, storage periods should be curtured for motorist data in the toll controls over an electronic number plate adjustment.

To the planned toll rates for ten days (10 euros) and two months (22 euros) there had already been skeptical signals from Brussel. These fixed prices compared to the variable annuality for inland are considered a possible disadvantage of drivers from abroad. Dobrindt said, conceivable could be certain okost levels as at the annual effort. Their price depends on environmentally damnability and engine grid. Inland, in general, to pay annual ball.

The Union wants to finish the Law Pack on Thursday’s coming week end-to-date from Parliament. DOBRINTT wants to import the toll 2016 on highways and federal hubs. Motorists from abroad should pay only on highways. Domestic car owners should be fully relieved of a smaller vehicle tax for the toll over a smaller vehicle tax.

Scientist’s significant criticism in an appeal of the Transport Committee. They doubt the EU allowance and taking forecasts. Relief only for inland is European rightly, said the Bielefelder Legal Professor Franz Mayer. The European Court of Justice will tilt the tarp. In contrast, the Bonn lawyer Christian Hillgruber, who created a report for the ministry, made outstanders were not discriminated.

The trafficist Ralf Ratzenberger, who also developed studies for the tob-critical motorist club ADAC, said, from drivers from abroad, a maximum of 350 million euros per year is expected. The Ministry plans to 700 million euros. The municipal top associations warned to cut together growing regions at the boundaries to neighboring countries through the toll.

The opposition called for the stop of the tarp. The government concept is "tanned in the core" after the hearing, "said Linke expert Herbert Behrens. The toll will not bring the expected revenues, discrimination of foreigners and bring economic disadvantages to border regions. Grunen faction vice Oliver Krischer demanded, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) muse buried the "toll-nonsense".

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