Chauffeurs horror

Chauffeurs horror

Merzig, 28. February 2014 – "Carlsson CS50 Versailles Edition". Honestly, the name Realsatire is already honest – for a normal Central Europe, the pictures have a really right to a low-pronouncement. But the carvereder Carlsson says it completely seriously and also wife, why: He places a gilded S-Class simply a certainly lucrative sports idea. Because the emporary commands of Europe are just one or two Ticks Protection. The special model was designed specifically for Parvenus in China and is built only 25 times. According to Carlsson, more than ten of the golden cars have been sold – and still before the official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (6. to 16. March 2014).

As a model for the coarse-flat gilding, the castle Versailles served, the Sonnenkonig Ludwig XIV. (1638 to 1715) to rebuild the representative baroque palace. The luxury class car is gilded in the sense of the word: in handwork will be the body with over a thousand breath of a real gold leaf. This takes about 200 hours, because the 80 x 80 millimeters of bloodlatter are placed and contaminated with a fine brush.

The series is already sold to half

The body is elaborately supervised with clearcoat and sealed. Including drying phases this process is at two weeks. According to Carlsson, although the surface should be as suitable for everyday life as well as a conventional paint, the repair of damage was allowed but expensive. We prefer not to introduce ourselves to the chauffeur sweating in the gross city traffic: the value of the gold used is with 12.000 EURO.

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