Chip manufacturer qualcomm leads power change at the top

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm leads power change at the top

At the chip concier Qualcomm take over an expert for 5G data radio the boss. The 50-year Christiano Amon Lost Steve Mollenkopf, who successfully brought the company through a series of legal turbulence.

Amon has been a driving force behind the efforts of Qualcomm in recent years, to make a leading player in the business with 5G technology. Among other things, 5G modems of Qualcomm in the this-year models of Apple’s iPhone. Previously, there had been a year-catching patent dispute between the two companies that was settled in 2019 with an agreement. The license agreement concluded between Apple and Qualcomm is now up to 2025, Apple is already working on its own iPhone modems.

Defended business with patent licenses

In Mollenkopfs Terms, Qualcomm also succeeded in defending his business model against a lawsuit of the US competitive workhorage FTC. According to the judgment of a US Court of Appeal, the Group may continue to depend on the chip purchase with him from the acquisition of a far-reaching patent license. The business with patent licenses is the second – and lucrative – pillar of Qualcomm next to the chip sale.

The 52-year roller head has been leading the business since Marz 2014, but now comes back from the first riege. He remains to receive the company for a time as a consultant. Amon has been in the Group since 1995. Qualcomm chips are stuck as a processor heart stuck in many smartphones and tablets. The company also offers network and communication chips for different applications.

Last year, the company’s share price after the Corona crash in the spring has risen sharply, now the Group is worth around 168 billion US dollars (137 billion euros) at the Borse and thus more than the most valuable German Borsengrocer SAP.

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