Cloud monitor 2021: meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

The pretty clear result of the current cloud monitor Germany from BITKOM and KPMG is: The cloud has been enforced in this country as an operating model final. Only three percent of the respondents 550 companies from 20 employees said they can not start with the topic of generally nothing. 82 percent already put on cloud infrastructures. Private Cloud Implementations used 63 percent, after all 46 percent use Public Cloud deals.

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

2020 the proportion of cloud users has increased again. The proportion is not interested in cloud in the lower single-digit area.

On demand for the reasons for their skepticism, the few cloud-abstinent companies mainly gave legal and security concerns: theyburten unauthorized data accesses or losses, uncertainties of legal situation, regulatory complications and the consequences of hardware weaknesses. The cost of the operation of the cloud infrastructure was hardly called a factor in contrast.

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

Security remains top theme: after performance as the most important selection criterion, several safety-relevant criteria with high percentages

Provider selection: performance before safety

But even with the cloud-using companies, the desire for security shows: Although choosing the provider, the cloud performance with 89 percent denominations was all over, but then data security and compliance with 86 percent were already followed. Another legal-relevant criterion was ranked three: 75 percent, the selected cloud data center should be in the EU’s area of the EU. Further criteria such as independence of the cloud provider, interoperability or openness each occurred with around 50 percent of the "must-have" terminations significantly.

Peter Heitkamp by KPMG conducted the continuing relevance of the Thema security also to the still unclear legal situation for US companies, especially the hyperscaler, back: "The decisions on the Privacy Act at European level last year increased the uncertainty of the companies certainly."

Hope Tenderer Gaia-X

No wonder so that many companies put rough hopes for the European cloud project Gaia-X. This attempt to build a network of European data centers that relate to European laws and ethics rules will hold 65 percent of the respondents. Gaia-X does not stop the coarse US hyperscalers; Rather, they should integrate their European RZs into the new network – but just to European rules.

The times Excessively rising cloud budgets seem past: since 2019, the average share of the IT budget, which remotes cloud investment, is uneasailable at 20 percent. However, according to study in some companies with significant extenders to half of the IT expenditure.

Standard apps are always Oopter from the Cloud

Just rough companies turn out to be particularly cloud-affin – the half of them already has a cloud-first strategy, a quarter even relies on Cloud-Only.

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

In the cloud applications, E-Commerce applications in the Corona year 2020 are playing again.

For standard applications, it is now ugland to refer you to the Cloud Service. This is especially true for Office and Collaboration Apps (41% realized, 45% planned), for ERP tools (40% / 31%), CRM (37% / 40%) and E-Commerce applications (38 % / 27%). The latter have once again received a significant thrust last year, probably through the world’s pandemic – their use increased by 12 percent.

In the midfield areas such as HR (28% / 43%), IoT (29% / 36%) and Data Lakes (26% / 40%). Rarely from the cloud, on the other hand, applications from relatively new topics, such as blockchain (3% implementations, 7% planning), KI (10% / 24%) and speech recognition (13% / 36%). In the blockchain, it still has to show whether this is turned out only as an initial problem, or whether the technology is attributed by their linking with the highly fluctuating bitcoin or due to excessive energy consumption.

Otherwise, companies see the cloud as a digitization engine: 83 percent of respondents have at least a rough post. Also commonly mentioned was the positive impact on the digitization of processes and tasks (80% entries), more cooperation between IT and departments (78%), based on the construction of platform for cooperation with third parties (75%).

The industry association BITKOM publishes the declared Cloud Monitor Germany in cooperation with the consulting firm KPMG for the tenth time. In the previous years, the data collection took place in autumn, the results were presented in the subsequent early year. From 2021, the data in the spring of the year for the period from the last are collected and evaluated directly. Therefore, 2021 dives as a comparison of the year 2019 and not 2020. This-year-old study results are confirmed by the trends from previous years.

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