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USA: For fear of an increasingly uncivilized debate culture, a coffee chain asks customers about taking no guns in the purse

The amooker in Washington, in which 12 people were shot dead, leads to no change of the notoriously loose weapons laws in the US. Obama can not enforce this. Meanwhile, the coffee house Starbucks is forced to land against the obsession of free-weapons-Kaptn ahabs.

In the spring year, the US government had tried some elans to expose strong control to the acquisition of weapons; The compromise proposal arising from negotiations with Republican from the orderly arrived in April. There were missing 60 votes, among the opponents of the proposal were also Democrats. The consensus in favor of liberal weapons laws is roughly lubricated the lobbying of the NRA well.

The 60 votes are still missing now, writes the American magazine Politico. The Senate’s fuser strike to venture another project, which fails again. The lobby stays powerful and the democrats have not been able to risk nothing, which could harm the opportunities of the incumbent in weapon-friendly states such as Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina and Louisiana in the next elections.

No prohibition from fear of confrontation

But elsewhere stimulates, not so much ideologically or politically motivated – which is not excluded – but from convincing moving: bad experiences that are also poorly stories. The CEO of the Cafe Chain Starbucks, Howard Schultz, has explored that weapons not long in Starbuckstuben or. -Terraces should be allowed. However, in front of an exclusive ban, he scares back because the enforcement of such a ban could bring confrontations with armed.

From the report from USA Today, Howard Schultz on Monday evening, so after the amooker in Washington, asked such steps. Yesterday, the Cafe boss then published a public letter "to the Americans", in which he transmits the customer the respectful request, not long firearms into the Starbucks loading and putting on the terraces.

Please do not come from about about. Since Starbucks has hitherto been held at the legislation of the respective US states and allowed to weapons in cafes – the confrontation with the armed ("We Have Chosen This Approach Because We Believe Our Store Partners Should Not Be Put in The Uncomfortable Position of Requiring Customers to Disarm Or Leave Our Stores") – became some per-gun Activists, which organized events, in which, Schultz, the company as a support "Open Carry", The non-hidden wearing of weapons was celebrated (see. At Newtown Starbucks, A Gun Event Is Shut Out).

The debates of the pro- and anti-gun activists are becoming ever more inconivated, sometimes even threatening, it is called in the letter.

However, in recent years, Starbucks became a peculiar esteem in the youngest past in recent years through forelaments, in which weapons were unintentionally lost and passers-by injured. About because the customer slammed her handbag with a pistol in it too sharp on the table.

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