Containerconf online 2020: secure frubbucherrabatt now!

ContainerConf Online 2020: Secure Frubbucherrabatt now!

On 21. July will take place with the ContainerConf Online 2020 a conference around the container orchestration Kubernetes. The seven presentation of renowned experts can listen to participant by the own desk – because the event is an online conference that will transfer via livestream. On interaction possibilities, you do not have to do without: If you can ask questions by chat during the presentation, the speakers are also available for questions about the lecture for questions. Until 21. June still applies to the early book discount.

Everything about Kubernetes

Although Kubernetes (K8S) is still quite young as a project, container orchestration has already moved tremendous circles in the field of software development. Nevertheless, the use of Kubernetes for many companies is a challenge. Therefore, the ContainerConf Online 2020 enters the varied aspects of K8S and gives participants practical tips for use with.

The speakers are all known in the scene and have been committed to the topic for years – be famous authors such as Eberhard Wolff, the service mesh experts Hanna Prinz and Jorg Muller, Kubernetes platform operator Timo Diesstappen and Marcel Muller, Monitoring Expert Bastian Hoffmann or the Freelance Consultant Erkan Yanar.

In the different areas of the speakers, the varied topics of the conference are reflected. Starting with a view of the tools and techniques in the container environment on an analysis in which fall Kubernetes can be a meaningful alternative, the conference continues to illuminate security aspects, monitoring, Kubernetes operator and service meshes. This gives you participants valuable knowledge to the hand to use the container orchestration effective and beneficial.

Until 21. June can be interested in the early book price of 149 euros for the conference. After that, the event costs 199 euros. In addition to the LiveStream, the conference can also look at the conference in departure, including access to the conferencing materials.

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