Cyber attack with ransomware: gross pipeline in the us continued to shut down

Cyber attack with ransomware: gross pipeline in the US continued to shut down

After the most important gasoline pipeline was temporarily shut down between Texas and New York as a result of a cyber attack, the worries grow before a long-lasting standstill. In addition, more backgrounds are released over the attack. For example, the BBC reports on several unnamed sources that the attack is carried out on the Ransomware Darkside. The attackers have therefore tackled 100 gigabytes of data and want to force a loose ground, otherwise they were published.

Cyberattack on critical infrastructure

The weekend had become known that Colonial pipeline had switched off the same lead on Friday as a consequence of a cyber attack. The above 8800 kilometers of pipeline is mainly linked to the Kuste of the Gulf of Mexico refineries with the south and the east of the USA. According to own data, the company transports about 45 percent of all fuels consumed at the Eastern Custe and supplies more than 50 million Americans. How long she remains shut down is not present, but according to BBC, it becomes problematic if it will not be put back into operation until Tuesday. Then the prices on the petrol stations could rise and smaller airport could go out the kerosene.

The news agency Reuters also reports that an Errbergmalware is to be stuck from Darkside behind the cyber attack. Insiders therefore report that the attackers have tackled 100 gigabytes to data and threaten with the publication should not be paid. Colonial pipeline itself also speaks of ransomware, so it was allowed to have also been cased and systems are not usable. While the one in the attack looks a further proof of how vulnerable the critical infrastructure in the US is, others point out that in this method, the infrastructure itself was open, but its operator.

The Darkside makers have made a – doubtful name with Ransomware and thus press millions of US dollars according to their own data. In Affiliate programs, they make the shadling other criminals, which in turn releasing it to more victims and withdraw a part of the profits. In January, BitDefender published a free-choosing tool that should work against all versions of Darkside. Even with the attack on Colonial Pipeline it seems to go to Erpreng. The company has secured the help of Cybersecurity experts and the law enforcement workers are contacted.

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