Daimler without benz: daimlerchrysler is history

Daimler without benz: daimlerchrysler is history

Stuttgart, 5. October 2007 – At the Auflorden Annual General Meeting of the previous DaimlerChrysler Group in Berlin yesterday was the decision on the naming change in Daimler AG. In addition, all production sites in which vehicles or components of the Mercedes-Benz brand are manufactured under the name Mercedes-Benz. The factory in Stuttgart-Unterturnkheim therefore carries the name "Daimler AG – Corporate Center" and "Mercedes-Benz Underturnkheim – a work of Daimler AG".

With the decision for this naming, according to its own statement, the Group submits a clear commitment to the most traditional brand in automotive industry. Successes also a clear distinction between the Daimler company brand and the most important product brand Mercedes-Benz.

Culture of top performance and shared values
Loudly. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Executive Board of Daimler AG now begins a new chapter in the company’s history. You want to be the worldwide manufacturers of premium vehicles and premium services – in each market segment in which the company is tap. For this you want to "live a culture of peak performance and common values to successfully forward the big history of the innovation and pioneering services of Mercedes-Benz, the most valuable automotive premium brand in the world."

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