Data protection officer: the pandemic opened weak in the system

Data Protection Officer: The pandemic opened weak in the system

2479 Complaints and 989 Privacy Policy Messages lists the Niedersachsische State Officer for Data Protection, Barbara Thiel FUR 2020. This is a significant increase in 2019, she said to present her annual report.

Complaints had contributed to the increase due to improperly handling with their personal data, which had to be collected for the contact tracking of companies and facilities, it is called in the Technility Report (PDF). Again and again, it gone to the fact that contact lists were freely interpreted and the data was visible for unauthorized persons.

Further topics related to the Coronavirus pandemic are, according to the Annual Report (PDF), the collection of health data through employers and employers, certificates for liberation from mask obligation, privacy work in home office or video conferencing systems have been in schools. The pandemic disclosed the weak in the system, said Thiel. For example, at the beginning of the first wave, only a few schools have been able to make data protection-compliant digital educational offers.

More complex processes

Because of digitization in business and administration, processing processes became more complex, said Thiel. Thanks to the DSGVO, the effort for Bubgeld procedures has increased significantly in the past year. Last year, Thiel had a 10.4 million euros hitherto hitherto promised its highest book money against a company, as it had monitored its employees without legal basis via video for at least two years. However, the decision is not legally violent.

Thiel applied to the presentation of their report on the often affiliated attitude, to make data protection flat rate for undesirable developments and problems. "This is a reflex that rarely meets the core of the problem", she said. "Only when digitized data processing is transparent and comprehensible, they were stobbing on sustainable acceptance."

Completed from a privacy point of view, Thiel has called the chapter Route Radar, Section Control. After the amendment of the Lower Sachsian Police Law, she has no longer recognized as soon as in 2019 against the Tempo control system for public strain, for the license plates. In addition, the path was completed by the legal authorities in this matter.

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