Dynamically load

Dynamically load

Barcelona, 18. November 2013 – All SUV and Vans Despite kombis still have their entitlement as a family transporter. Due to the deeper focus, at least bring them to the existing plants to offer enjoyment of fleets in a reason-con respected environment. A new representative in this genre is the Seat Leon St, who shares the platform with the Skoda Octavia and the Golf Variant, but visually a bit more dynamic shaped. At an exit, the Spaniard should show whether space and driving spab were skilfully connected here.

A lot of space

The qualities of a combination measure many customers primarily on its storage space and the way things can be accommodated there. The loading facing in Leon St is enough cut and the edge is not too high, so you do not have to hide luggage or beer boxes. Unlike many fading of self-proclaimed premium brands, the trunk of Leon St also offers a seat: Normally, it is 587 liters, about 20 liters less than in the new Golf Variant. In practice, the little difference plays as good as never a role. One of the practical properties is a double loading floor, under which an additional storage roof is located, as well as rough experts in the sides of the compartment.

No gourmet

Especially well, the solution for the folding mechanism of the backrests: two levers in the trunk pages unlock the two parts of the back fingering … and Plopp, Plopp, fall forward. This creates a flat loading floor and a storage compartment of 1470 liters rough, the Golf Variant swallows with up to 1620 liters a little more. The backward transformation into a funfeaser works just as easy: the leaning is simply swung up and then snaped, done. There is not any gourmstel with pinched straps.

Room in the rear

The fund itself offers a for the compact class almost pussy space offering, the rogue is still good for an adult even if a 1.80 meter driver is sitting in front. From the options list, the passenger compartment can also be upgraded, for example with sunrolls in the treatments and folding tables on the front seatrests. Driver and front passenger are also housed in the commod, but the front seats could use a longer thigh circulation.

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