Electric slogan microlino should debute on the iaa

Electric slogan Microlino should debute on the IAA

The electric car developer Microlino sees its timetable and expects to show the series version of its city car in Munchen for the coming IAA in September this year. Now the Swiss company has completed the second prototype of its BMW Isetta with nickname Knutschkugel afterwards.

The third prototype should be in "few days" be completed with all-rounded interior and new folding roof, Microlino AG shared with. The prototypes 4 and 5 should be built soon afterwards; They should be used for EU homologation, ie the type-approval so that series production can begin.

The 2.4 m long and 1.5 m wide car should then be for 12.000 Euro have to have 513 kg of curtain weight, depending on the battery configuration 125 or 200 km can drive far with a high-speed tempo of 90 km / h. In 5 seconds the Microlino should come from 0 to 50 km / h. The company speaks of a battery charging time of 4 hours.

It became light

At the second prototype of the "Microlino 2.0" Cars are now the new LED light bars on the front and rear. The front bar integrates standing and flashing lights and is supplemented by the two round LED headlights. The backlash strip combines brake, flashing and jerk lights in one element. They are said to yield the retro look of the MicroLino with a futuristic touch, as the company prints out.

Electro-"Slogan" Microlino on the way to the serial design

Electric slogan Microlino should debute on the IAA

So the interior looks in the finished third prototype in June 2021.

Microlino had presented his 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show. Temporarily struck it, the production should "Beginning of 2018" kick off. Originally, the two-seater should be built by the Italian company TMI. The Tazzari Group sold TMI to Artega, which then planned to build its own electric cabin scooter under the name Karo. This developed a legal dispute between Micro Mobility and Artega, which was enclosed in November 2019. In the summer of 2020, ex-Tesla top manager Jochen rudate came to Micro Mobility, in February of this year, Microlino introduced its new schedule for mass production.

The organizers of the IAA confessed recently that the fair will take place as planned despite the coronavirus pandemic. The IAA had taken place in Frankfurt am Main for 70 years. However, the IAA 2019 only moved to 560.000 visitors, the organizers opted for Munchen as a new location.

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